Harry Watling Has Been Married To Wife Ciara Watling For Four Years

Harry Watling and his wife Ciara Watling have been married for four years. Harry and Ciara had been dating since 2015 before tying the knot in 2018.

Harry’s wife Ciara is a professional football player. 

They are both in related sectors of work, get along well, and encourage one another to accomplish well at their jobs. Ciara is a football player and Harry is an English football coach who joined Glasgow Rangers as a member of Michael Beales’ coaching team.

Furthermore, the couple has a long history of being genuinely in love and is admired by their friends and family for their commitment to one another.

When they are in their house, Ciara’s husband will occasionally work with her to help her develop her talents. She enjoys working with him because it gives her more energy and they both benefit from mental support when they are together.

Inside Harry Watling And His Wife Ciara Relationship

Rangers coach Harry Watling and his wife Ciara Watling have been in a relationship since 2015.

Before Harry proposed to Ciara on February 7, 2017, at Rockefeller Center in New York, they had been dating for two years.

Harry and Ciara became Instagram official on August 1st, 2015. Ciara posted a photo of him on Instagram with the comment “Harry,” announcing their relationship to the world for the first time and taking the internet by storm.

Ciara and Harry has been dating since 2016.
Source : instagram

The couple enjoyed traveling worldwide, and in June 2019, they were in Xplor Adventure park, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. In January 2020 they visited Rome, Italy, where they had a great time seeing the city and enjoying local cuisine.

Harry and Ciara were in Madrid in 2016 to celebrate his 27th birthday and passing his A Licence.

During the beginning of their relationship, they would be separated for long periods because of the nature of their career. They were together for a full weekend for the first time in November 2016.

They both love spending time together.
Source : instagram

They went on a dinner date on December 13th, 2017, to celebrate being engaged for 207 days. They had a great time eating and drinking their favorite foods.

The two are usually seen playing soccer together at Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre.

Harry And Ciara Have Been Married For Four Years

Harry Watling married his wife Ciara Watling in July 2018 after three years of dating. 

Harry and Ciara celebrated their fourth anniversary on July 8, 2022. Their wedding was held at Old Kent Barn.

In 2018, she posted a photo of her and Harry with a Christmas tree decorated to commemorate their first Christmas as husband and wife.

In May 2018, Ciara attended a surprise bachelorette party thrown by her pals, which she describes as the finest night of her life. She shared the photos of that day with her cousins and other friends on Instagram. The party was held at JuJu London. She wore a wedding gown with a veil, a sash thrown over her reading “bride to be.”

Harry And Ciara married in July 8, 2018
Source : instagram

On their third wedding anniversary, they biked around central park in New York. 

Although Harry and Ciara have been married for a while, Ciara still considers her father her favorite guy and loves him dearly. Before walking her down the aisle, they shared a beautiful moment that she won’t soon forget.

Harry enjoys surprising his wife with gifts and surprises. After their wedding in 2020, he planned a surprise trip to Paris for her. They spent a lovely Valentine’s Day together in Paris.

Harry Watling Wife Ciara Watling Is A Professional Football Player

Harry Watling’s wife, Ciara Watling, plays football as a midfielder for Southampton in the FA Women’s Championship.

She successfully trialed with Charlton Athletic at the age of 15 on the advice of Keith Boanas, and in her first season there, she won Player of the Season for the academy.

Ciara Watling is a professional football player of Ireland
Source : instagram

Ciara Watling, Harry’s wife and a member of the Northern Ireland women’s national team, also provides input on how he can improve his performance and player knowledge.

Moreover, she delivers the honesty of a player’s perspective, which is a hidden asset in understanding how players buy into what Watling is ultimately selling stylistically and tactically.

She is excellent, according to Watling, so he asks her advice on potential pre-game presentations where he might look at the theme in a certain way and on one-on-one conversations with players who might play in comparable positions.

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