How Is Randy Boone Related To Pat Boone? Family Tree and Ties Within

Clyde Randall Boone is a well-known American actor and country music singer from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Fans want to know whether he is related to Pat Boone, an American singer, and actor.

Clyde, or Randy, was born in the United States on January 17, 1942, to Rhumel E. Boone and Clyde Wilson Boone. His relatives include the pioneer Daniel Boone, the actor Richard Boone, the singer Pat Boone and his daughter Debby Boone, and the actor Richard Boone.

Boone was installed into the Fayetteville Music Hall of Fame in 2011. 

How Is Randy Boone Related to Pat Boone?

Yes, Randy Boone and Pat Boone are related. Randy and Pat share the same family tree. Pat Boone, an American singer and actor is Randy Boone’s sixth cousin once removed. In addition to being Pat Boone’s five times great-grandparents, Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan were Richard’s five times great-grandparents.

Patrick Charles Eugene Boone, or Pat Boone, is a well-known American singer and actor born on June 1, 1934.

During the 1950s and the early 1960s, he was a famous singer in the United States. His career peaked in the early 1960s. He was in more than 12 Hollywood films and had a career that featured him in more than 45 million albums, 38 of which were Top 40 singles.


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The Early Years of Randy Boone

Randy Boone was a mathematics major at North Carolina State College.

Randy was born in the city of Fayetteville, North Carolina. The actor and singer began his career as a folk singer in a local pub. Eventually, Randy quit school to focus on his music career of playing guitar and singing. Because of this decision, Randy spent the next 18 months backpacking across the United States, most of which was hitchhiking.

Boone made his acting debut in the television series, It’s a Man’s World, which ran from 1962 to 1963. In the series, Boone played the role of a skilled musician Vern Hodges, originally from Boone’s home state of North Carolina.

Following his roles as a country singer in the 1966 film Country Boy and Francis Wilde in the Western series Cimarron Strip alongside Stuart Whitman, Randy played guitar and sang in the movie, The Virginian. Randy Boone became a part of The Virginian in 1963, playing the role of Randy Benton, a singing cowboy. Boone was a guest star in a total of 46 episodes over two seasons and also contributed original music to the show, which was used throughout. 

Boone secured a recording deal with Decca Records while still working at The Virginian. He co-starred with Roberta Shore on his debut album. The album was titled, Presenting Randy Boone and Roberta Shore, the Singing Stars of the Virginian.

Ramblin’ Randy was the title of Boone’s second album, which was his first solo effort. Following his departure from Decca, he inked a contract with Gregar Records, which led to the release of two further albums. There was not a single album of his that was successful commercially.

Randy Boone Wife

Randy Boone was for four years to Sylvia Howell before divorcing her in 1969.


Randy Boone married his first wife, Sylvia Howell, in May 1966. The couple has a son named Richard Boone. After his first divorce, Boone was unmarried for some time before he decided to retake the vows in 2009. Boone has been married to Lana S. Redick since then.

What Is the Source Behind Randy Boone’s Net Worth of Around 5 Million Dollars? 

As mentioned, Randy Boone earned his living as an actor and singer, which he how he amassed his fortune.

According to sources, Randy Boone’s estimated net worth is around 5 million. A majority of his net worth has been earned due to his time as a successful actor. The actor and singer made a living from his musical abilities by performing for people. He exchanged his services for things like food and a place to sleep. Randy participated in competitions with the hopes of winning more money.



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