BBC Journalist: James Waterhouse Wikipedia Bio Age Wife & Salary 2022

Who Is James Waterhouse? Learn about him as we dive deep into his BioBio and details. 

James is a BBC Kyiv Correspondent who has been with the network for nine years and 11 months.

He has also worked as a freelance radio and television journalist.

Is James Waterhouse On Wikipedia? Bio Explored

James Waterhouse, age mid-30s, does not have a dedicated bio of himself on Wikipedia.

However, several news outlets have been attempting to cover the reporter’s BioBio.

He has committed his time as a BBC Correspondent to covering Ukraine’s dire situation.

Since the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, he has been remaining within Ukraine, providing living conditions.

Furthermore, many people have praised his working style and dedication to his task.

In such a difficult time, when everyone is looking for cover, Waterhouse is considered as brave enough to stick around and keep us updated on every casualty.

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Does James Waterhouse Have A Wife?

James Waterhouse does not have a wife as he is not married.

Waterhouse has not shared any information relating to his personal relationships.

Even on his social media, he has yet to post about his girlfriend or potential partner.

We guess him to be high on his career, so he may not be in a relationship currently.

In April 2012, James began his career at the BBC as a broadcast journalist for BBC Essex.

He currently works as a correspondent and senior journalist for BBC London TV on TV, radio, and online.

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James Waterhouse Salary 2022 Explored

Jame Water Salary is not exactly known however wiki biography has listed it as between 200k and 250k USD.

He is presently assigned to Ukraine to cover the country and the Baltic republics, emphasizing their changing relationship with Russia.

Waterhouse has been a BBCNews correspondent in Kyiv since January 2022. 

When he was assigned, he was given the task of covering Ukraine and the Baltic nations, as well as highlighting the shifting dynamic between these countries and Russia.

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