Who Is Hugo Bachega From BBC News? What To Know About The Reporter

Hugo Bachega is a journalist who works as a correspondent at the world’s oldest and largest broadcaster ‘BBC’ news.

The journalist from London is currently in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, to report the condition of the Ukrainians and the town to the viewers of BBC Breakfast.

Quick Facts On Hugo Bottega BBC

Real Name Hugo Bachega
Nationality British
Net Worth $200 thousand
Age Mid 30s

Hugo Bachega Wife: Is The BBC Correspondent Married?

Hugo Bachega hasn’t revealed the identity of his wife, so we are unsure if the BBC correspondent is married; he might have found his Ms. Perfect, or he might as well be a bachelor.

Hugo Bachega, who works for BBC News as a correspondent, has kept the identity of his wife and married life confidential.
Source : instagram

Bachega has posted pictures of his friends walking down the aisle but has not shared any picture of him taking the wedding vows with the love of his life. Let alone he hasn’t introduced his girlfriend to the media.

So, unless Hugo opens up about his love life and marital status, we shall presume he is unmarried and has not committed to spending his life with his better half. Hopefully, the journalist will share his relationship status with his followers to keep them updated on his lifestyle.

Hugo Bachega Wikipedia: Meet The Journalist From BBC News

Hugo Bottega is a journalist who works as a correspondent for BBC News. He has been a household name during the Ukraine-Russia clash.

The recent article submitted by the BBC correspondent is entitled “The Russians said beatings were my re-education.” He shared the story of Andriy, who got forced to undergo a filtration process while trying to leave the Russian-occupied area.

Hugo going live from Lviv, Ukraine, on BBC for the first time on the 25th of March 2022.
Source : instagram

Furthermore, Hugo is currently reporting from Kyiv, Ukraine, to update the viewers about the condition. He recently appeared on BBC Breakfast as Ukranian marked its 31st anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union, but sadly it’s the 6th month since the Russian invasion began.

The journalist has been sharing his journey to Ukraine through his social networking sites to keep his followers updated on the situation in Kyiv. He also goes live with the BBC from there and has been very active in providing intel on the Russian-Ukraine war and its current scenario.

Hugo Bachega Age And Background

Hugo appears to be around 32-35 years old, considering his appearance as he hasn’t revealed his age; he has kept his actual date of birth and background details confidential.

The journalist hasn’t shared any intel relating to his private life, including his educational qualification, so not much information about him is available. However, he revealed through an Instagram post that he took a break from university in his 20s to live in the Middle East for the first time.

A photograph of Hugo when he visited Jordan, country in the Middle East at 20.
Source : instagram

Furthermore, Bachega seems to have a sister who is already married, but he hasn’t revealed who his parents are and what they do for a living. Yet, he occasionally makes posts on his social networking sites of his family members; the BBC correspondent goes by the username @hugobachega and has accumulated 1.6k followers.

Bachega with his loved ones at Rio de Janeiro in 2017.
Source : instagram

Hugo Bachega Net Worth And Salary In 2022

Bachega might have a net worth of $50,000 to $80,000 for working at the national broadcaster of the United Kingdom, BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation). 

Hugo Bachega having his best time at Champoluc, Valle D'Aosta, Italy.
Source : instagram

The journalist is an employee at the world’s oldest and the largest broadcaster, where he works as a correspondent and currently reports for BBC Breakfast. So, he undoubtedly receives a decent paycheck from the Broadcasting Company.

Hugo Bachega enjoying the scenery at San Francisco, California.
Source : instagram

Although Bachega hasn’t disclosed how much he earns for the time, effort, and dedication he invests in his work, considering his lifestyle through his social media, he is making sound finances. He loves his job and colleagues and perfectly balances his private and professional life.

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