Jamie Noble Wife Sasha Gibson Is A Cosmetologist From West Virginia

Jamie Noble wife Sasha Gibson is a beautician and works in the makeup industry. Jamie and Sasha are West Virginia natives.

Jamie married Sasha in a private ceremony in 2019 but in quite an unusual manner. Never seen a groom take a dip in a waterfall right after exchanging his vows.

Sasha has been a cosmetologist in Florida for the past three years, and her husband has shown full support for her profession. He even shared on his Instagram saying how well his partner had been doing in her new job in 2019.

Noble’s last match in WWE was in 2015, but with the organization running an event in his home state, they wanted him to retire on his terms. And on his retirement match, his partner and his family were in the front row cheering for him.

Jamie Noble Wife Sasha Gibson Is A Beautician

Jamie Noble wife Sasha Gibson is a cosmetologist who studied the craft at Summit School of Cosmetology. 

Currently, Sasha works at Limelife by Alcone in Long Island, New York. The company, Limelife, established in the 1950s, has the goal of empowering people coming from different communities. 

Sasha Gibson promotes the makeup products Limelife by Alcone on her Facebook handle on December 9, 2022
Source : facebook

Previously, Sasha worked at Karma Hair and Nail for over a year in 2021. On December 9, the cosmetologist shared an inspiring post on her Facebook handle. The blonde beauty was overwhelmed by the number of messages she received from many girls about starting their careers as professional makeup artists, which prompted her to make the post.

One common thing in those messages was the hesitation of many to start their career in the makeup world. Sasha, in her post, told a short story about her journey in the makeup industry.

According to her post, Sasha stepped into the industry three years ago without any knowledge about it. But she genuinely wanted to help people and had a passion for it. And from there, she was able to build connections that have now helped her grow her profile.

Sasha Gibson shares her scary Halloween look on her TikTok handle
Source : tiktok

Sasha is seen advertising the makeup products from Limelife time and again on her Facebook handle, with the recent post coming on December 1. 

On Halloween this year, Sasha did over-the-top makeup as she transformed into a scary monster. You can see more such makeup videos from Sasha on her TikTok channel, where she has followers in growing numbers. 

Jamie Noble And Sasha Gibson Wedding

Jamie Noble and Sasha Gibson wedding took place in Navajo Falls in Arizona three years ago in 2019.

Sasha shared a small glimpse of their wedding ceremony in her TikTok video as they tied the knot on July 12, 2019. The wrestler shared the wedding pictures on his Instagram handle two years later on their second anniversary in 2021.

Sasha and Jamie married in Little Navajo Falls, Arizona in 2019
Source : instagram

After speaking their vows, the wrestler even took a dip in the waterfall, with his new spouse looking hesitant to enter the water. She certainly was trying her best to protect the wedding dress. 

The first picture of the couple goes back to 2016, but it is believed that they had been dating years before that. 

Sasha Gibson and Jamie Noble with Paige take a trip to zoo in 2021
Source : instagram

Looking at their physique, there’s no doubt that the two are gym rats. The couple has posted several videos and photos of them at the gym, molding a healthy and toned body. They also love doing outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting together.

Sasha has accompanied Jamie at various wrestling events, including the Hall of Fame and Wrestlemania. She has been beside her wrestler from Germany to Melbourne in every WWE event. 

Sasha Gibson cuddles with the family pet raccoon at their home in Florida in 2022
Source : instagram

The couple is currently in Florida, and like any typical person from the state, the two have a pet raccoon, who is seen cuddling with the couple on their bed. The two also have a pet cat and a dog.

Jamie has also given hints that one day even his better half might follow in his footsteps and join the wrestling world. On her TikTok handle, Sasha has also shared a video of her walking out on a theme song. So, it might be up to her to continue the familiar sport with her husband retired from WWE. 

Last night as Jamie received the farewell he truly deserved, Sasha and his daughter could be seen cheering him on. The wrestler gave a sweet peck to his wife before he entered the ring to take on Sami Zayn and pinned him down with a powerbomb finish.

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