Who Is Jason Jones, 42? Northeast Nebraska Homicide Suspect Arrested

Northeast Nebraska Homicide suspect
Northeast Nebraska Homicide suspect

Superintendent of the Nebraska State University, Col. John Bolduc Police, stated during a press conference at 9:30 a.m. that Jason Jones, 42, of Laurel, was apprehended after evidence from both murder scenes directed investigators to him.

Bolduc claims that Nebraska State Patrol crime scene investigators found physical evidence at both crime scenes that connected Jones to the crimes. Investigators utilized "flash diversionary devices" as a diversionary tactic before Jones' arrest after discovering the evidence.

Bolduc stated that more information could not be provided since investigators are currently processing the data gathered from the two scenes.

Who Is Northeast Nebraska Homicide Suspects Jason Jones, 42 Years Old?

Jason Jones, aged 42, lives on Elm Street, the same street where the homicides took place just blocks from each other.

According to Bolduc, Nebraska State Patrol crime scene investigators obtained physical evidence from both crime scenes that pointed to Jones. After finding the evidence, investigators used "flash diversionary devices" as a distraction technique leading to Jones' arrest.

After entering the suspect's residence at 206 Elm St., across the street from one of the victims' homes, investigators arrested Jones and found that he had severe burn injuries. Bolduc reported being flown to a hospital in Lincoln, where he remains in serious condition.

The arrest comes after four people were found deceased in two separate residences in Laurel on Thursday morning. The houses were two blocks apart, located off of Elm Street. During a press conference Thursday afternoon, the Nebraska State Patrol had asked the public for any information regarding a Black male driving a silver sedan away from Laurel.

More On Jason Jones Arrest And Charges

Jones was discovered to have extensive burn injuries by the Nebraska State Patrol SWAT Team after many attempts to get him to leave the house on his failures. As of Friday morning, according to NSP, he was transported to a hospital in Lincoln and is in severe condition.

Additionally, the Nebraska State Patrol thinks the shooting contributed to the fatalities at two other homes in the northeastern Nebraska town.

The Cedar County Sheriff's Office is quoted by the Nebraska State Patrol as saying responded to a call about an explosion at home in Laurel at 3 a.m., and fire teams discovered a body inside the house. The first home victim was Michele Ebeling, 53, identified by the Nebraska State Patrol.

86-year-old Gene Twiford, 85-year-old Janet Twiford, and 55-year-old Dana Twiford were the three victims at the second house.

Northeast Nebraska Quadruple Homicide Case 

After an event in Laurel, Nebraska, that claimed four people's lives and caused damage to two homes. The Nebraska State Patrol is encouraging public attention.

The incidents at the homes at 209 Elm Street and 503 Elm Street are now alleged to have involved gunshots, the Nebraska State Patrol said in a statement. ollowing the fire's successful extinguishment and investigators had some time to look at the homes, the truth came to light.

Officials now suspect that the fire at 503 Elm Street was started at about the same time as the one at 209 Elm Street, which was initially reported as a house explosion, but that it took hours for the fire to become apparent from the outside of the house.

The Nebraska State Patrol is asking that anybody who witnesses anything unusual between midnight and 4 a.m. phone the NSP at 402-479-4921 as soon as possible.

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