Jenna Schillaci Partner Maxine Hardcastle Is a British DJ

Jenna Schillaci partner Maxine Hardcastle is a DJ and has a musical background. Jenna and Maxine started dating in 2020.

Schillaci is a former player of Tottenham Hotspur and captained the side from the lower league till it reached the pinnacle of the women’s game, Barclays FA Women’s Super League, in 2019. 

Since retiring in 2020, Schillaci has taken up hosting duties in BBC Sport and was one of the analysts Women’s FA Cup fourth round on December 13. And after she retired from football, she has been enjoying her time globetrotting with Maxine.

The pair has shared several photos of their adventures from Turkey to Spain on their respective Instagram handles as their relationship grows from strength to strength.

Jenna Schillaci Partner

Jenna Schillaci partner Maxine Hardcastle is a renowned DJ having performed various gigs worldwide.

Hardcastle has been part of the music industry for over a decade, with her first show being in 2010. Hardcastle has preserved her way to success in a male-dominated industry and has made a name for herself in her homeland as well as abroad. 

Maxine Hardcastle pictured DJing at Ibiza Global Radio on October 3, 2022
Source : instagram

If you’re wondering where Maxine gets her musical talent, then it’s from her father, Paul Hardcastle, a prominent music composer famous for his song 19, which reached no.1 in the UK charts in 1985.

Who Is Maxine Hardcastle?

Maxine Hardcastle, age 35, has previously worked with her father, Paul Hardcastle, on his various albums, including Hardcastle 4. She contributed to three of his songs as she helped in co-writing and signing them. 

She has two brothers, Ritchie Hardcastle and Paul Hardcastle Jr, and is the oldest child of Paul Hardcastle and Dolores Hardcastle. Her mother leads an active social life and is available on Instagram with the username @doloreshardcastledee

Maxine Hardcastle pictured with her parents Paul Hardcastle and Dolores Baker at Mallorca in 2017
Source : instagram

With her gifted musical talent, Maxine didn’t take much time to settle into the DJ lifestyle. Within five years of her debut in 2015, she held a residency at Pacha Ibiza. The four-star club has been highly rated as one of the best clubs in the world.

After earning the trust of the Pacha Ibiza crowd, Maxine was signed to them and has headlined several tours from Africa to Asia to Europe. Maxine was also part of Paul’s 2009 album titled, The Collection and performed the song, Where I Wanna Be, which is available to listen to on YouTube.

Jenna Schillaci and Maxine Hardcastle pictured together at Bodrum Mugla in Turkey in 2021
Source : instagram

Maxine has worked with the Uptown Funk hitmaker Mark Ronson and keeps her fans updated about her music venture through her Instagram handle. Earlier this year, in October, Maxine was part of a discussion group which discussed Mental Health & Neurodiversity in the Music Industry.

Maxine was the stage manager of the Artist and Manager Awards held earlier this month on December 8. It was a proud moment for Maxine, who had been attending the event as a guest for several years.

Jenna Schillaci and Maxine Hardcastle Dating Life

The former Spurs player Jenna Schillaci and DJ Maxine Hardcastle started dating in the summer of 2020. 

Coming from two contrasting fields, the two might have met each other through mutual friends, or Jenna could have attended one of Maxine’s gigs, as she holds many of them in the UK time and again.

Jenna And Maxine Become Instagram Official In 2020

The athlete and the music composer first went public with their romance in August 2020. Jenna shared a series of romantic pictures on her Instagram handle with her Maxine as the two enjoyed their time together in Bodrum, Turkey.

The two had traveled to Turkey not only to spend quality time but Maxine also performed with DJ Behrouz at the luxury hotel, The Bodrum Edition. 

Jenna and Maxine become Instagram official in 2020 as they share picture from their trip to Istanbul, Turkey
Source : instagram

The couple has even tried to explore each other’s fields, with Maxine giving some DJing classes to Jenna. The former Spurs shared a video of her trying to play Sean Paul’s Ignition but barely managed to complete that task.

Maxine also shared a video of playing soccer with Jenna in which she beat her partner. During their trip to Turkey, Jenna continued to share some romantic pictures as she shared photos from their date night in Istanbul. 

To end their first year of dating on a high note, the couple took a trip to Essex. The couple with their friends took a stroll in the famous Epping Forest.

Jenna And Maxine Take A Trip To Ibiza

As pandemic restrictions slowly decreased in 2021, the couple visited various places, including a trip to Ibiza. But before heading to the famous party place, the couple took a trip back to Turkey as Maxine again performed at Bodrum.

Schillaci(right) pictured in an event from Ibiza, Spain on October 28, 2021
Source : instagram

On October 28, 2021, Jenna shared a gallery of images from their trip to Ibiza, which is also the place where Maxine has performed most of her gigs. 

Maxine shared a photo with her mother on Pride Day, thanking her for accepting who she is and showing that her family is supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. 

The latest photo of the pair came on December 8, 2022, as Maxine pictured her mother and Jenna engaging in a conversation with her pet dog between them. 

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