Is Jordan Poyer Leaving The Bills? A Glimpse Into The Contract Situation Of The Bills Safety

Jordan Poyer's time at the Bills could be at an end
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Jordan Poyer time as a Buffalo Bills Safety will come to an end if the two parties do not come to an agreement. Poyer contract will expire in March 2023.

Poyer has been a standout safety for the Bills secondary for six years. He is one of the major parts of the defense, which has been regarded as one of the best in the league.

Born on April 25, 1991, as Jordan Lynn-Baxter Poyer, in Dallas, Oregon, he went to Astoria high school for his early education. While in Astoria, he played different sports, including baseball, basketball, and football.

He was a standout in every sport. He had a significant role in helping their baseball team win the state championship during his freshman year. His exploits were so good that the MLB franchise Miami Marlins drafted him in 2009 after he was named his state's player of the year.

Likewise, Poyer also earned the player of the year in the Basketball Cowapa league in Oregon. As a football player, he played both as a safety and quarterback and even registered 123 TDs, earning the merit of state player of the year yet again on both the offensive and the defensive side of the ball.

Jordan went to Oregon State for his college and had a fantastic college career as a football player, even being named to the All-Pac-12 first-team and earning the consensus All-American in 2012.

Drafted into the league by the Eagles via the 2013 NFL draft in the 7th round, he has exceeded everyone's expectations. Currently, with the Bills, he also had a stint with the Browns in between.

One-time first-team all-pro and one-time pro bowler could soon enter the market as a free agent for next season.

Jordan Poyer Contract Breakdown

Jordan Poyer contract with the Buffalo Bills is set to expire in March 2023.

After his stint with the Browns ended in 2016, Jordan signed a four-year deal with the Bills worth $13 million on March 9, 2017. During his initial four years in Buffalo, he appeared in 63 games for his team in the regular season. He registered 426 total tackles, with 298 being solo and 128 assist tackles to go with 13 interceptions.

Buffalo Bills signed Strong Safety Poyer in 2017 after four years with the Browns
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Due to his impressive showings, he was given a two years contract extension on March 17, 2020, worth $19.5 million and other incentive add-ons. Since his second contract, he has featured in 28 regular season games and registered 156 total tackles, with 110 solo and 46 assist tackles. He has also had nine interceptions, among other contributions.

Poyer has been with the Bills since the 2017 NFL season, and during his six total seasons, he has been to the playoffs five times. He has played in 8 post-season games for the bills registering 44 total tackles with 27 solos and 17 assists.

Jordan has been crucial for the Bills in their regular and post-season games, and the Bills Mafia will be hoping he will be his usual standout self in this year's post-season run.

Is Jordan Poyer Playing Tonight?

Jordan Poyer will likely participate in the Bills' divisional round game against the Joe Burrow-led Bengals.

Poyer has faced a nagging knee injury, which kept him out for several games. He played in the least amount of games this season since joining the Bills in 2017.

Poyer was available for just 12 regular season games this year but is reported to be preparing to play in the divisional round game. Poyer did a limited practice session on Wednesday for the upcoming Bengals game. However, he was a no-show on Thursday, which has worried several fans.

The standout safety for the Bills is expected to play against the Bengals
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But the indication was that Poyer was given a rest day. As for his contractual obligation, he is tied with the Bills until March. Hence, the contract situation is a non-factor regarding Jordan Poyer's availability.

Where Is Jordan Poyer Going?

Jordan Poyer has many potential destinations for the upcoming season. Poyer is viewed as one of the top 25 free agents available in 2023.

The divisional round against the Bengals could be Jordan's last home game with the Bills, and he understands it more than anyone else. So, in his latest podcast, he took the time to acknowledge the situation at hand and thanked all the Bills Mafia for all the years together.

Leaving the Bills is a possibility, and Poyer would definitely want to sign a big contract, possibly for the final time in his career, and cash in.

Several teams would love to add the talent of Poyer's capacity to their roster. If he were to leave, teams who are in need of safety or a secondary upgrade could do with Jordan's talents amidst their ranks. Teams like the Browns, Jaguars, Rams, and Eagles, among others, could be his potential destinations.

Poyer has reiterated that remaining with the Bills is the best situation around for him
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However, his best destination would be to remain where he is currently. Retaining Jordan would be great for the Bills, and he himself has acknowledged that remaining in Buffalo would be the best situation of all as reported by NFL.