Journee Aaliyah Jeudy, Jerry Jeudy Daughter And Baby Mother Ja’Nice Thomas Details

Journee Aaliyah Jeudy is the daughter of a shining American Footballer, Jerry Jeudy, and his ex-girlfriend Ja’Nice Thomas.

Her parents are not together since they broke up, but she is close to both of them as her parents give time to her and often mention her on their social media.

Jerry Jeudy was born on 24 April 1999 in Deerfield, Florida. Jerry’s childhood was not easy. His parents got separated when he was just two years old. He grew up with three siblings. In 2016 Jerry’s youngest sister Aaliyah passed away at the age of 7 because of a serious but mysterious disease.

He was a football player from a very young age. He was Athlete in his high school and used to play football there. Later, he enrolled at Alabama University and started his college football career with them. He was the star player for Alabama.

Since he was playing very good football in the college leagues, he was able to turn the head of NFL scout. Jeudy was drafted by Denver Broncos in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Quick Facts on Jerry Jeudy:

Date of Birth 24 April, 1999
Age 23 years old
Height 6ft 1in (1.85m)
Weight 193lb (88kg)
Nationality American
Spouse 2 ex-girlfriends
Children 2 daughters.

Meet Jerry Jeudy Daughter Journee Aaliyah Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy and his ex-girlfriend Ja’Nice Thomas’s relationship blessed them with a beautiful daughter Aaliyah Jeudy, but sadly their relationship was not last long, and they got separated after having Journee Aaliyah in their life.

Even though Jeudy got separated with his girlfriend. He still cares about her daughter Journee Aaliyah Jeudy
Source : fanbuzz

Journee Aaliyah was born on 27 March 2020. She is two years old as of 2022. She is the beloved daughter of her parents. She got her middle name, ‘Aaliyah,’ from her father. That was the name of her father’s younger sister, who passed away very young.

It is unknown where Aaliyah does live after her parent’s separation. The reason for their divorce was not public, but it is probably not good from Aaliyah’s point of view.

Jerry Jeudy’s Ex-girlfriend Ja’Nice Thomas

Jerry Jeudy has never married anyone but in a relationship with Ja’Nice Thomas. They were in a very romantic and beautiful relationship back then.

The picture of Jerry Jeudy and his ex-girlfriend Ja'Nice Thomas.
Source : fabwags

Ja’Nice Thomas is from Pompano Beach, Florida. Professionally she was an entrepreneur who has a company named sweet tooth.

Other details regarding their experience while in the relationship were not highlighted by them as they decided to keep their love life private.

Jerry Jeudy’s New Girlfriend Antoinette Tharp

After the breakup, Ja’Nice Thomas Jeudy is in a relationship with an American Model, Antoinette Tharp as her boyfriend.

It is reported that they have a beautiful daughter together. Jeudy became the father of two daughters from different baby mamas.

Jeudy and Tharp were on really good terms, but their relationship is not the same since a legal case between those two at the court level.

Jerry Jeudy Was On Jail

Jerry Jeudy’s current girlfriend, Antoinette Tharp, filed a case against Judy on the charge of domestic violence and misbehaving with her.

 Jeudy became the center of attention after that incident. From further investigations, it was found that it wasn’t a domestic violence case but a serious quarrel.

Antoinette Tharp is an American model. Jeudy and Thomas got pretty popular because of their relationship but sad it wasn't for long.
Source : celebsindepth

Tharp was against it in the beginning, but she dropped the case and started to talk from Jeudy’s side. Maybe she thought that it could hamper her baby’s life.

After this incident, they did not look so close, and they were not living together. According to the different rumors, they broke up with each other.

Jeudy now has two daughters. Even though he hasn’t any good relationship with his ex-girlfriends, he often goes to visit both daughters. He posts about them on his Instagram, where they look happy playing with each other.

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