Amy Ward Staley: Brandon Staley Wife and Net Worth 2022

Brandon Staley married his wife, Amy Ward Staley, in 2011, and the couple has three children. He is one of the best young coaches in the NFL.

Amy graduated from Sycamore High School with her high school diploma in 2004 and earned her elementary education degree from Northern Illinois University in 2007.

She worked as a first-grade instructor for the Hutchinson, Kansas, public schools. Amy’s husband, Brandon Stanley, is a well-known American football head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers of the National Football League (NFL).

He has worked as an assistant coach for the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos in addition to his prior roles as defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams in 2020.

Staley, who played quarterback for the Flyers while attending the University of Dayton, guided the team in his two seasons as the team’s starting quarterback from 2003 to 2004.

Quick Facts About Amy Ward Staley

Full Name Amanda Ward
Date Of Birth October 31, 1985
Nationality American
Profession Teacher
Mother Deborah Ward
Father John Ward
Husband Brandon Staley

Who Is Brandon Staley Wife, Amy Ward Staley?

Amy Ward Staley is a primary school teacher, and she used to play volleyball at Sycamore High School in the past. She played while majoring in elementary education from 2004 to 2006.

Amy Staley started her career as a teacher after earning her bachelor’s degree in 2007.  In 2006, Brandon Staley started his coaching career as a graduate assistant coach for the football team of NIU Huskies.

 Brandon Staley and Amy Ward Staley married in 2011.
Source : facebook

At that time, Amy was two months away from obtaining her teacher’s degree when Brandon first met Amy. The teacher confessed that she had been struck immediately by Staley’s desire to advance in his job. They dated and lived wherever Brandon Staley’s work led him.

He told her he would become an NFL coach one day, but she didn’t believe him. In 2011 while residing in Hutchinson, Kansas, they made their engagement public and married on June 25, 2011. 

Amy Is Avid Sports Fan

Amy was always involved in sports on various levels when she was a young child. She remarked in a podcast that sports significantly influenced her life and was an essential part of it.

A physical education teacher reared her. When Amy was in school, she played volleyball with a local teacher. Amy also mentioned during the interview that her parents had invested much time and money into her volleyball career.

Amy Staley, Brandon Staley’s wife, even received a scholarship program due to her college volleyball skills. Amy always attempted to make up for her parents’ sacrifices by giving everything she had in sports when she was younger.

She Was A Teacher By Profession

Amy studied at John Carroll University to pursue a master’s in business after completing her undergraduate degree. Amy began her teaching career as a first-grade teacher to children in Hutchinson, Kansas, but quickly switched her major from business to reading instructions.

Since then, she has worked as a teacher at seven different institutions in six other districts and five states. Amy remarked that she still had every student’s face in her memory from when she was a teacher. She had a wonderful time working as a teacher and sometimes misses it.

Brandon Staley Net Worth 2022

Brandon Staley has a net worth of $1.5 million. He is the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers of the National Football League. He was a two-year starter at the University of Dayton in 2003 and 2004.

Brandon Staley began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Northern Illinois from 2006 to 2008.
Source : nypost

He also served as the Flyers’ captain, leading them to a 16-5 record. In 2005, he and his identical twin brother Jason participated in their final game at Mercyhurst College.

He began his career in 2006 at Northern Illinois, where he worked as a graduate assistant until 2008. In 2009, he worked with Division III St. Thomas’ defensive linemen and special teams.

He held the positions of the associate head coach and defensive coordinator at Hutchinson Community College. He spent two years coaching the outside linebackers for the Chicago Bears.

The Bears were second in the NFL with 92 sacks during his time there, while they topped the league with 58 takeaways. He worked with the best scoring defense in football as a coaching staff member in 2018. 

Before joining the NFL, he spent three seasons as the defensive coordinator/secondary coach at John Carroll. At James Madison University in 2014, Brandon served as the linebackers coach and defensive coordinator.

He Has A Decent Salary As Head Coach

The annual salary for Brandon Staley’s position with the Los Angeles Chargers might range from $3 to $5 million. NFL coaches make an average of $6,692 million annually.

Depending on their years of experience, past successes, and level of general resolve, the amount may vary. It’s believed that he agreed to a $1,000,000 contract with the team.

He worked with some of the best defensive players in NFL history, four Pro Bowlers in 2018, Von Miller in 2019, Aaron Donald in 2020, and Jalen Ramsey.

He made the Rams’ defense the greatest in football by 2020 by completely overhauling it. The team came in first place overall in passing and scoring defense and third in rushing defense.

Brandon And Amy Has Three Children

Brandon and Amy married on June 25, 2011, in St. Cyprian Church in Perry, Ohio, the hometown of Brandon. Since their marriage, the couple has enjoyed every moment.

Brandon and Amy has three son named Colin Staley, Will Staley, and Grant Staley.
Source : facebook

The couple welcomed three lovely sons during their marriage: Colin Staley, Will Staley, and Grant Staley. The children have a happy and loving relationship with their parents.

Amy’s Facebook profile shows that the family is satisfied with their lifestyle of living close to the Los Angeles beaches. The couple and their three sons currently reside in Thousand Oaks, California.

Age Difference Between Brandon And Amy

There are three years of the age difference between Brandon Staley and his wife Amy Staley. Amy was born on October 31, 1985, making her 36 years old, while Brandon was born on December 10, 1982, making him 39 years old.

Amy was born and raised in Sycamore, Illinois, and resided in Florida, Kansas, and Tennessee. Her parents are John and Deborah Ward. Deb Ward, her mother, is employed by the neighborhood school system.

In 2005, Brandon played his final game for the football team at Mercyhurst College. He spent the 2012 season at Tennessee as a graduate assistant.

Football Coach Family

Brandon Staley was born to his parents, Linda and Bruce, on 10 December 1982 in Perry, Ohio, the United States. He is very close to his parents, who have always been there for him.

Brandon Staley with his mother and twin brother Jason sits on his father's lap.
Source : thefamilynation

His father has also battled cancer, and his mother passed away from breast cancer. Staley was appointed the defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams on January 16, 2020.

While his twin brother is receiving his diploma from Mercyhurst College, Brandon decided to play football there. He went there to play with Jason so they could create some memories by spending a season together.

He established himself as a desirable head coaching contender across the league in 2020, his only season as coordinator, by helping the Rams defense finish first in points and total yards allowed.

Some FAQs

How old is Brandon Staley?

Brandon Staley is 39 years old. He was born on December 10, 1982 in perry, Ohio.

How long has Brandon Staley been a coach?

Brandon Staley coached the Los Angeles Chargers as its head coach from the 2021 season through the 2022 campaign, a time in which they finished 11-10-0. He spent two seasons as the head coach during his career.

Who is Brandon Staley’s wife?

Brandon Staley married his wife Amy Ward Staley in 2011. The couple have three children together.

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