Gianna Bryant And Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report Drawing Update After Photos And PDF Discussed

Kobe Bryant’s autopsy pictures leaked over the internet as his followers again broke down in tears. 

Kobe Bryant was a professional NBA player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers for around two decades of his life. He passed away on 26 January 2020 due to a helicopter crash. 

People remember him as a legend who won five NBA Champions, 18 NBA ALL-Star, 2008 NBA Most Valuable Player, and much more, making him one of the greatest basketball players. 

The 2020 tragedy remains unforgettable as nine people lost their lives, including the NBA star and his daughter Gianna. The incident two years ago surfaced on the web again with the leaked autopsy pictures. 

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Kobe Bryant Autopsy Pictures Surface The Internet

Kobe Bryant’s autopsy pictures have been circulating over the web, causing havoc among his followers. Many have shown their rage with the leaked reports and sketches, claiming they should be kept private. 

The autopsy reports have now been trending over the social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok. Moreover, Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner has made document copies of Kobe’s death available on the web. 

Following the website, the price for one copy of the report is $59, and for a “proof of death letter,” it is $15. 

Widow of the Lakers star Vanessa Bryant now sues the Sheriff’s Department. As per CNN, She claims the photos from the incident of 2020 were “shared by county fire and sheriff’s department employees.”

Meanwhile, Johnson, one of the two deputies who arrived at the crash scene, took around 25 photos from the incident site using his personal cell phone as his work phone was not issued. 

He testified, “I know I didn’t do anything wrong.” He also claimed that he deleted the pictures when he got home. 

Kobe Bryant Autopsy PDF Explained

Kobe Bryant’s autopsy PDF from the Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner in Los Angeles, California, has surfaced on the internet. 

Following the PDF, his death cause has been reported as blunt trauma from the helicopter crash. Also, the anatomic summary of Kobe’s bodily injury is listed. 

The summary includes Blunt trauma, fatal, with “Blunt trauma of the head,” “Blunt trauma of the chest and abdomen,” and “blunt trauma of extremities.” 

Also, Postmortem burns with “Extensively burned skin of head, chest, and abdomen,” “30% total body surface area burns,” and “No soot in trachea or bronchi.”

Gianna Bryant Autopsy Report Drawing 

Kobe Bryant’s daughter Gianna Bryant passed away along with her father in the helicopter crash of 2020. Her autopsy report and drawings have been circulating over the internet with her dad’s pdf. 

According to the autopsy report, the cause of death is attributed to blunt trauma. She had rapidly fatal injuries that included transection of the upper cervical cord, avulsion of the brain, and severe skull fractures.  

The report has also claimed the at-scene photographs’ availability before examination and during the autopsy. 

Also, the pictures included injuries to the calvarium, dura, liver laceration, transected upper cervical cord, left lung laceration, left kidney laceration, spleen laceration, aorta laceration, and heart laceration. 


Kobe Bryant Autograph For A Million

Over the years, Kobe Bryant fan followers have shown interest in his autograph. According to Forbes, his rare signed card could cost over $1 million in the auction market. 

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