Who Is Kobe Pace From Clemson Tigers? 5 Facts On The Running Back

Clemson Tigers found a pacy blooming Running back, Kobe Pace, in 2021. They are thrilled with his performance and confidence level on the pitch.

His last name, Pace, stands for his speed in the game. To seem more like himself, he changed his last name from Pryor to Pace in 2020. He is a strong running back who debuted in 2021 and approaches 2022, having previously racked up 716 yards and six touchdowns on 122 runs and managed to catch 17 catches for 157 yards and a touchdown in 20 games.

Full Name Kobe Pace
Age 21
Born May 18, 2001
Birthplace Cedartown, GA
Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 205 lbs
Profession Football Player
College Clemson Tigers

Kobe Pace played for his college at Cedartown High School
Source : greenvilleonline

Kobe Pace Age And Height? How Tall Is He?

Kobe Pace was born Kobe Pryor on May 18, 2001, in the City of Cedartown, Georgia. The youngster is 21 years old. He kicks started his football career at a very young age.

Before he arrived at Clemson in 2020, Pace was a regular starter for his school team Doyle Kelley at Cedartown High School in Cedartown, Ga. He now competes in The NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision for Clemson Tigers.

During his early days at Cedartown High School, he played in a linebacker and running back position for Doyle. Pace won the Region 5A Two-Way Player of the Year (Ironman Award) for being a standout linebacker. He was then selected as an all-stater by the Georgia Coaches Association and named to the local team.

How Tall Is The Clemson Tigers Running Back?

The trapping young athele stands at a decent height of 5 feet and 10 inches (178 cm tall) while he weighs 205 lbs (93 kg). At Georgia Tech, the powerful running back caught four interceptions for 22 yards and four catches on five occasions for 13 yards.

Speaking of another freshman from the Tigers, Adam Randall’s height is slightly more than Kobe’s, standing at 6 feet and 2 inches. While 170 lbs Redshirt Junior Aidan Swanson is taller than bother of them. His height is 6 feet and 3 inches.

Kobe Pace (right) with Tigers jersey during a match
Source : greenvilleonline

5 Facts On The Clemson Tigers Running Back Kobe Pace

  1. The first Clemson athlete in the current period to score a touchdown while wearing three separate jersey numbers is Kobe Pace (14, 20, 7).
    Pace currently stands in a league of his own in the record book, even though Clemson has had several players wear three numbers, and some even score touchdowns in only two.

  2. He changed his name from Kobe Pryor to Kobe Pace. He attended Cedartown High School in Georgia and went by the name Kobe Pryor. However, he officially adopted his mother’s last name in April 2020.
    Kobe announced the startling news on social media without providing any context. He stated, “my last name has officially changed to Pace.”
  3. Kobe Pace currently lives a single life and does not have a company. He is 21 and more immersed in his career goal at the moment rather than focusing on building a relationship. He is also not quite active on social media. His Instagram account @kobepace_ has K followers.
  4. Pace joined Clemson Tigers in 2019 from his high school team, Doyle Kelley, at Cedartown High School. He was an allrounder and played basketball during high school as a professional, but later, he went with football. He received the Region 5A Player of the Year award. He gained 721 yards running on 93 tries as a junior, averaging 7.3 yards.
  5. In addition to Nick Chubb, a standout running back for the Cleveland Browns in the NFL, Pace attended Cedartown. After Chubb trained with Pace’s high school squad the summer before his senior year, there was conjecture that Pace might follow in his footsteps and attend Georgia, but instead, he chose Tigers.

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