What Happened To British Sprinter Lina Nielsen? Athlete Injury And Health Update Explained, Family Details

British sprinter Lina Nielsen won the 400-meter hurdles event at the 2021 European Athletics Team Olympics in 55.59 seconds. In the summer of 2019, Lina finished her training to become a yoga teacher in Rishikesh.

Currently, she teaches yoga on the Fiit fitness app. Nielsen has been a 400m competitor for more than nine years. She finished third in the 400 m final at the 2015 European Junior Championships and won the 4×400 m relay gold.

When she breached the 53-second barrier and set a personal best of 52.97, she won the BUCS indoor title and the England U-23 championship in 2016.

Lina Nielsen Illness And Injury Report Discussed: What Happened?

When Lina Nielsen and her identical twin Laviai were set to compete in the 400-meter and 4×400-meter relays in 2017, Lina Nielsen experienced a leg injury.


She withdrew as a preventative measure after experiencing a “stress response” on a fibula, the stage before a stress fracture.

Even if it wasn’t the worst-case scenario, it was nevertheless challenging to assess the extent of the harm and mentally prepare for the potential of having to enter rehab rather than participate.

Explore More Details On Lina Nielsen’s BIography

At the British Indoor Competition in February, Lina Nielsen, who Frank Adams coached, had a solid start to the 2017 indoor season by finishing third in the 400m. She earned a spot in the European Indoor Tournament in Belgrade.

On the other side, learning that she couldn’t compete there has given Nielsen a lesson that has motivated the Chemistry student like nothing before.

Lina, unfortunately, failed to qualify for the 2019 World Championships in Doha after placing eighth at the British Championships in Birmingham.

She said she was quite upset and wanted anything to distract her. She created a cover narrative about working as a receptionist and traveling to India as a consequence.

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Who Are Lina Nielsen’s Parents?

There are no details regarding the parents of the athlete, Lina Nielsen. However, she has a twin sister named Lavial Nielsen, who also happens to be an athlete.

Regarding Liviai’s racing career, she had previously been a middle-distance runner. She and her twin sister were approached later in 2013 about competing in a 400-meter event.


Laviai decreased her previous time by 2 seconds, setting a new personal best. She improved once more and cut 4 seconds. It can seem like only a few seconds to you.

However, in a race, every millisecond counts. Nielsen further took home the gold in the 2015 European Junior Championship in Sweden. She also won the silver medal in the 4 * 400-meter relay at the 2017 competition.

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