Mark Rosen Fiance Karin Nelsen Is An Executive VP At Minnesota Vikings

Mark Rosen fiance Karin Nelsen worked at Cargill before joining Minnesota Vikings in 2016. Karin and Mark met in April 2022.

The legendary commentator, Mark Rosen, went public with Karin earlier this year in May through his social media pages. A long list of congratulations followed after that announcement, which further increased on December 28. 

The former WCCO-TV commentator shared with his 145.4k followers on Twitter about his engagement with the executive vice president of the Minnesota Vikings, Karin Nelsen, whom he had been with for the last seven months.

The announcement of his engagement comes a year and four months after the demise of his first wife, Denise, on August 31, 2021. 

Mark Rosen Fiance

Mark Rosen fiance Karin Nelsen is the chief legal officer of the NFL franchise Minnesota Vikings. 

The radio personality, Mark Rosen, took to Twitter to announce his engagement to Karin on December 28, 2022. Mark posted the photo of the two with wine in their hands and a cake, which had “Congratulation Karin and Mark” written.

Mark Rosen and Karin Nelsen smile for the camera with wine in their hands and show their celebration cake as they announce their engagement
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The commentator also took the opportunity to show the red diamond ring that he proposed to Karin with. Mark went public with his relationship with Karin earlier this year in May. 

Rosen shared the photo of the pair smiling at the camera on his Twitter handle. Before dating and now being engaged to Karin, Mark was married to his former wife, Denise. 

Denis passed away in August 2021 after four years of battle with brain cancer. Mark gave a short tribute to his former spouse and has the post pinned on his Twitter handle. 

Mark Rosen posted a picture of his late wife Denise Rosen in 2021 as a tribute after her demise in August
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On Instagram, Mark has shared several posts with his future wife, Karin. The couple likely met in April 2022 at the Dunkers Fund Raiser event. 

Mark and Karin posed alongside the Hall of Famer, Bud Grant, at the event, which was organized to honor his legacy. Then a month later, after that post was when Mark and Karin went public with their romance.

Who Is Karin Nelsen From Vikings?

Karin Nelsen association with Minnesota Vikings began in 2016 as a vice president for legal and social impact. 

Karin Nelsen, age 57, graduated from Minnesota State University with a degree in science and accounting. Nelsen later studied law at the University of Iowa College of Law from where she received her Juris Doctor degree.

Karin Nelsen joined Minnesota Vikings in 2016 and currently serves the position of executive vice president
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But before she received her JD degree, Karin worked as an auditor for Touche Ross for two years. From 1993-1998, Nelsen worked as a litigator for two law firms, before making her way to the global food corporation, Cargill Inc.

Karin started her career at Cargill as a senior lawyer, a position which she served for nine years before being transferred to Moscow, Russia as Russia Lead Lawyer. During that team, she managed a team of Russian lawyers and worked with them for nine months.  

She was once again relocated to Geneva, Switzerland where she held the position of Deputy European General Counsel for two years. After working in Switzerland and Russia it was time for Karin to work in Singapore and gain exposure as an Asia Pacific General Counsel.

Karin and Mark photographed outside Orpheum Theatre earlier this year in July to celebrate Karin's birthday
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In 2012 Karin returned to the US as North American General Counsel and worked for four years before making her switch to her current job at Minnesota Vikings. She joined the NFL franchise as a vice president and was promoted to executive vice president in 2020.

Nelsen looks after the legal functions and plays a lead role in carrying out philanthropic work for the Vikings. She has also served as a member of the Vikings Covid Committee since the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the game. 

Mark Rosen Girlfriend Age

Mark Rosen girlfriend Karin Nelsen is 57 years old and the two have an age gap of 13 years. 

Karin was born on July 1965 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Earlier this year, to celebrate Karin’s 57th birthday, the pair took a trip to Ophreum Theatres to watch, The Life and Times of Temptations. The couple was seen together at Interlachen Country Club with ice hockey player Lou Nanne to raise money for Taste Fore the Tour event.

Rosen is one of the big names in commentary duties who has 50 years of experience at WCCO TV and has made contributions at KFAN radio. Earlier this year, the legendary commentator joined Fox9 Sports as a guest host for the season.

Mark and Karin met each other for the first time at Dunkers fund raiser on April 20, 2022 pictured above with HOF Bud Grant
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Mark retired from WCCO in the early months of 2019. Later that year, his partnership with the NFL franchise Vikings was announced as he would give halftime updates, a newly made segment for the legendary commentator himself. 

In 1981, when Mark began hosting duties on the Sunday night show, Karin was yet to become a high school student. The couple has not let the double-digit age gap become a problem in their relationship. 

Mark and Karin pictured on May 29, 2022 after they went public with their romance on Instagram and Twitter
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The couple recently celebrated Mark turning 70 on November 12, 2022, with a dinner date at Demi. On December 17, 2022, Mark and Karin had dinner with their respective family members, and the pair might have informed their family before announcing their engagement to the world on December 28. 

Mark is a proud father of two kids, Chloe and Nick, and constantly shares photos with his daughter Chloe on his Instagram handle. It remains unknown whether Karin was previously married, but she has previously mentioned being a cat mom to two cats. 

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