Who Is Mathias Storhøi From Royalteen? Meet The Actor On Instagram

Mathias Storhoi
Mathias Storhoi( Source : globalensemble )

Young Norwegian actor Mathias Storhoi has appeared in a few plays. However, after being cast as Prince Kalle in the 2022 film "Royalteen," his fame skyrocketed.

Based on the first book in the teen novel series "Halve Kongeriket," "The Heir," the movie is about a young girl and an heir to the throne. Randi Fuglehaug and Anne G. Halvorsen wrote the book and the show's script.

Karl "Kalle" Johan, the fictional Norwegian crown prince, played by Mathias, is a known party animal. He is concerned about images and videos becoming leaked online and on social media.

The show's premise was well received and is growing in popularity, especially among young people. Mathias also appeared in the 2020 movie "Time To Pause" and the television show "Spesialenheten."

Who Is Mathias Storhoi From Royalteen? His Wikipedia Bio

Records show that Mathias Storhoi was chosen to lend his voice to a character in the animated series "Star Wars: Resistance" during his first year of college. It was his very first time working as a voice actor.

Mathias storhøi in Royalteen
Mathias storhøi in Royalteen( Source : celebsweek )

His next big chance arrived in 2020 in the film "Time To Pause." Alistair Morrison directed the documentary. After that, Storhoi was finally allowed to perform a significant role in a movie in 2022 after being cast as Prince Kalle in "Royalteen."

Director Per-Olav Sorensen cast Mathias with actors Veslemoy Morkrid, Ines Hoysaeter Asserson, Pal Richard Lunderby, and Sunniva Lind Hoverstad in this romance drama.

Does Mathias Storhoi Have A Girlfriend?

After wrapping up "Royalteen" filming in July 2022, Mathias took a trip to Greece and explored several tourist hotspots, notably Santorini. He even posted pictures on his @mathiasstorhoi Instagram account.

We discovered a woman by the name of Ina Dajanna Ervik while browsing through those pictures. Ina Dajanna is both an actress and a model, as per sources.

According to sources, they appear to be involved in a love connection. Ignoring the rumors, we're looking for concrete evidence to establish Ervik's relationship with Mathias Storhoi.

Mathias Storhoi Age: How Old Is He?

Mathias Storhoi is 21 years old right now. He was born to his parents in Oslo, Norway, in 2001. 

His dad, Dennis Storhoi, is a well-known Norwegian actor, and his mom is Mona Benedicte Storhoi. When Mathias was a child, he believed that when he grew up, he would also work as an entertainer.

Mathias Storhoi's dad Dennis Storhoi
Mathias Storhoi's dad Dennis Storhoi( Source : celebsweek )

He was allowed to work on the 10-year-old short film "Norsk Astma og Allergiforbund." A few years later, he made another appearance in the program "Spesialenheten."

The fact that Mathias enjoyed his acting experience so much made him even more determined to pursue acting. As a result, he graduated from high school in 2019 with honors and enrolled in a prominent university to continue his education.