Nadine Broersen Husband Koen Swanen And Their Married Life

Nadine Broersen husband Koen Swanen is a sports employee in the Netherlands. Nadine and Koen were married in 2013.

The blissful couple recently became parents for the first time as they welcomed a baby boy to this world in June of this year. Koen and Nadine named the baby James Swanen.

They have been together for more than fifteen years since they first began seeing each other in 2007. Nadine still needed to start playing track and field professionally at that time.

She became a member of the Dutch national squad only in 2009. Broersen has had success at the national and international levels and is considered one of the top heptathletes in the Netherlands.

Nadine Broersen And Husband Koen Swanen

Nadine Broersen and her husband Koen Swanen have been married for nine years since they tied the knot in 2013.

Nadine was not even a national player when they first started dating. 

Nadine and her partner Koen in June 2016 after she was crowned the champion of Décastar held in Talence, France.
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The pair had a humble beginning to their long-term relationship in 2007. In March 2017, the 2014 World Indoor pentathlon champion shared an old B&W picture with Koen to commemorate their 10th year of being in love.

On September 2015, Nadine shared a picture from their wedding day to mark their second wedding anniversary on her Instagram.

Koen is not so involved on social media, unlike her wife Nadine, who already has 710 posts and 30K followers. She is a Dutch national high jump record holder, and she is still pushing her limit at the age of 32 tells a lot about her passion and dedication to this sport.

Nadine and Koen enjoying bike ride in Dongen, Netherlands in May 2016.
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In June 2016, Nadine shared a photo of herself kissing Koen after taking home four awards from various events.

For the 2016 Easter, the couple was at Scheveningen, a seaside resort in The Hague. They had a great time exploring different places in the district, going to the theatre, and having a late-night dinner in the hotel.

Similarly, a few months later, in May 2016, the duo went for a bike ride to one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands, Dongen City. Nadine posted a picture in which they both rode on different bikes.

Dutch athlete Nadine and her soulmate Koen celebrated Easter weekend in Scheveningen in March 2016.
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Since Koen’s birthday is on November 21, she always remembers to send him greetings on special occasions. On his birthday in 2018, she posted a photo of the two of them having a drink.

Nadine And Koen Have One Son

Nadine and Koen have one son together, born on June 2022.

Glancing at her Instagram photos, one can easily track and record the timeline of her pregnancy journey because she has shared many pictures starting from the beginning, having a noticeable baby bump, to finally, the sight of the baby after birth.

The Dutch athlete first uploaded a picture of her enlarged belly in January this year. She was 20 weeks into the pregnancy. As a sportsperson, she must take care of her fitness during labor.

Nadine waiting on the due day, 40 weeks into her pregnancy on May 26.
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During pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes many physical and hormonal changes, which is normal, but one should maintain her wellness. Nadine kept doing light workouts and exercises to keep herself occupied.

In March, she posted another picture when she was in week 32. This time, the belly growth and bump were clearly visible. Just a few days prior to the delivery on May 26, she endowed her fans and followers with another stunning picture of her. The child was due that day, but she did not go into labor.

“40 weeks pregnant today and therefore due today… but the little one seems to like it all in my tummy.”, Nadine wrote on her Instagram.

Nadine and Koen had to wait a little longer to celebrate and witness the happiest day of their life. They finally became parents on June 3rd as she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy James.

The 32-year-old athlete gave birth to a boy child James on June 3, 2022.
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She immediately went on to social media and broke the news to her fanatics. The post also featured a few snaps of the newly born. Her fans flooded the comment section with congratulations and wishes. 

A few weeks ago, on December 3rd, James reached the halfway point to one year, i.e., six-month induction into the world. On December 12, Nadine and James had a photoshoot at WIJ media.

Koen Is A Sports Employee At Sportbedrijf Tilburg

Swanen is currently working as a sports employee at Sportbedrijf Tilburg in North Brabant, Netherlands.

According to his Linkedin profile, Koen has been working in the sports company for a while. He is an instructor who guides and manages the sports events and facilities within the municipality. 

Koen and her wife Nadine relishing a parachute ride in September 2018.
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The Dongen native is more actively involved in coordinating and overseeing sporting leagues, teams, or events. He oversees various activities, including training and developing athletes, managing budgets and finances, promoting and marketing teams and events, and coordinating logistics and operations.

Previously Swanen worked at Spw4 and Sport en Bewegen, both organizations based in Tilburg, Netherlands. 

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