Pat McAfee Wife Samantha Ludy And Their Wedding

Pat McAfee wife Samantha Ludy is the proud owner of the organization Fur the Brand. Pat and Sam tied the knot in 2020.

McAfee’s wedding couldn’t have been more like him. From wearing a half-tux to having a grand display of fireworks that went on and on, the ESPN commentator loves to do everything in his unique fashion. 

The vibrant television personality who has entertained millions of fans from the world of football to wrestling, Pat McAfee, will now soon welcome his first child with his better half, Samantha Ludy.

The couple is already parents to fourteen pets and will have a new addition to their family in May 2023. The two-time Pro Bowl champion is currently on his hosting duties with ESPN and has taken a hiatus from wrestling. 

Pat McAfee Wife Samantha Ludy Is Founder of Fur The Brand

Pat McAfee wife Samantha Ludy is the founder of the nonprofit organization Fur The Brand.

Samantha Ludy graduated from Center Grove High School and later attended the University of Southern Indiana for veterinarian science. Though she didn’t complete her degree, she later joined a grooming school.

Samantha's organization organized their first ever Poochella ceremony earlier this year in April
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From there, she received her certificate in CPR and a grooming license. Her love for pets developed at a young age on the farm that her late grandfather Charles Ludy, a former Vietnam war veteran, owned.

With her non-profit organization, Fur The Brand, Samantha wants to bring attention to canine cancer and provide financial assistance to the family who cannot afford to undergo a diagnosis. 

Earlier this year, in April, she organized Poochela, an event inspired by the music festival Coachella. In June, her organization was featured in WTHR, the local media company, as they made people aware that 1 in 5 dogs could be suffering from canine cancer.

Samantha raises the awareness towards canine cancer through her social media presence.
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During last year’s Christmas, the better half of McAfee organized Pawliday Drive and encouraged people to donate toys and blankets to homeless pet dogs. In the past, with her social media platform, Samantha has also organized giveaways focusing on pets. 

She announced that she would give $100 to a lucky commentator and donate another $100 to their favorite non-profit or animal shelter of choice. So being such a huge lover of animals, it’s only right for Samantha to own some.

Samantha is a proud mother to her pet dogs Chuck and Valerie Ann
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Ludy is a proud owner of fourteen pets, including dogs, cats, mice, foxes, and raccoons. She is a mother to the dogs Chuck and Valarie Ann and four cats, Theodore, Nova, Sebastian and Scootie.

And it was Valarie Ann that inspired her to run the organization Fur the Brand. She had saved Valerie from a kill shelter in 2013. The brave pitbull was diagnosed with cancer last year and underwent two surgeries. 

Samantha tattooed her pet dog Valerie Ann on her arm earlier this year in July
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The pet lover, Samantha, also has a tattoo of Valerie on her arms and has received the seal of approval from her. With her organization, she is bringing all the needed attention to canine cancer; hopefully, the organization will continue to grow.

Pat McAfee And Samantha Ludy Wedding

Pat McAfee and Samantha Ludy tied the knot in 2020 after being together for four years.

The former Colts punter and a great showman McAfee made sure to make his wedding as chill as possible. Pat turned up in a half-tux on his wedding day as Samantha was dressed in a gorgeous wedding gown.

Samantha and Pat tied the knot on August 1, 2020, as the ESPN commentator was dressed up in half-tux
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Their wedding registry was reportedly at a Target Store and included X-box one controller with seven games, mini-fridges and a dart board. It was reported that the ceremony concluded with a great display of fireworks which didn’t sit well with some of the neighbors.

Pat McAfee and Samantha Ludy enjoy the firework displays after their wedding ceremony concluded
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Their fur babies, Chuck and Valarie, were also present at their parent’s wedding ceremony. Later in the ceremony, the couple took to the stage with their parents dancing along with them. 

In one of her Instagram posts, Samantha revealed that she and Pat celebrate their anniversary by attending state fairs. In 2019 the couple attended Indiana State Fair, and even there, Ludy made friends with animals. 

Samantha Ludy and Pat McAfee pictured with their parents on the day of their wedding
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Calling himself the luckiest man to grace the planet and his wife an absolute rocketship, the former Colts punter took to Twitter to announce his marriage to his fiance. The couple were engaged in February 2019, with the ESPN commentator ensuring that he could surprise his longtime partner in the best way possible.

The pair took a helicopter trip to a waterfall in Hawaii, where the former Colts punter went down on one knee to propose to his better half. The couple shared the picture of the exact moment on their Instagram handle, leaving their fans in awe of the beautiful moment.

Samantha showed her beautiful oval-shaped diamond ring to her followers in a video she posted on her Instagram handle. After their marriage ceremony, she also revealed that she had changed the last name of her fur babies.

The ESPN commentator took Samantha for a helicopter ride to Hawaii as he went down on one knee in 2019
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The pair have always supported each other’s careers, with Samantha attending Summer Slam in 2021, where he co-commented with Michael Cole and Jimmy Smith.

Earlier this year, McAfee announced his hiatus from WWE as he took on a full-time role at ESPN’s College GameDay.

Pat McAfee And Samantha Ludy Will Welcome Their First Child In 2023

Pat McAfee and Samantha Ludy will welcome their first baby in May 2023.

Last month, Samantha took to her Instagram handle to announce that the pair will welcome a baby girl. She posted a video of the ceremony as pink confetti covered them with Frank Sinatra’s, “I Love You Baby” playing in the background of the video. 

Samantha took to her Instagram to announce that she and Pat were expecting their first child in May
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The pair had to deal with their fair share of misfortune while trying to become parents. If November of this year has brought them happiness and joy, then last year was quite different. 

On November 30, 2021, Samantha shared an emotional post with a greyscale picture of her and Pat as she revealed she had suffered a miscarriage. Not only had she suffered from miscarriage, but because of health issues, they could no longer have normal pregnancies and will have to opt for IVF treatment.

The treatment was pain staggering, as Samantha had to take about 150 shots. But as they say, all’s well that ends well. The couple will soon welcome their bundle of joy as they prepare to enter a new life stage.

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