Packers Coordinator Rich Bisaccia Has Three Daughters And One Son

Rich Bisaccia has three daughters named Michele Ann Bisaccia, Elizabeth Ann Bisaccia, and Madeline Bisaccia, and a son named Richard Oakley Bisaccia, also known as Richie Bisaccia.

Additionally, Jeannie Bisaccia, Rich’s stunning wife, is his wife. Since 1984, the couple has been living a happy married life that is an example to other ambitious lovers worldwide. He also has a joyful life with his family.

The National Football League’s Las Vegas Raiders’ interim head coach is Rich Bisaccia (NFL). After Jon Gruden, the head coach, resigned, he was given the job. His family encouraged him in his career endeavors while serving as Gruden’s assistant coach for the Raiders.

Quick Facts On Rich Bisaccia

Name Rich Bisaccia
Wife Jeannie Bissacia
Daughters Michele Ann, Elizabeth Ann and Madeline Bisaccia
Son Richard Oakley Bisaccia
Profession Coach

Rich Bisaccia Daughter And Son

Rich Bisaccia has three daughters and a son from his marriage to Jeanne Bisaccia. They tied the knot in New Fairfield, Connecticut, on July 28, 1984. The couple seems to be very happy and delighted with their marriage.

Their children, Madeline Bisaccia, Michele Ann Bisaccia, Elizabeth Ann Bisaccia, and Richie Bisaccia, routinely make appearances. In addition, they have four grandsons and one granddaughter.

Michele Ann Bisaccia

The couple’s eldest child, Michele Ann Bisaccia, was born in 1984. She teaches English at Bradford High School and is a contented wife.

Elizabeth Ann Bisaccia 

Rich and his wife have a second daughter named Elizabeth Ann Bisaccia. She was born in June 1989, and Brian Champ is her husband.

  Rich Bisaccia with his son in the stadium
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Madeline Bisaccia

Madeline Bisaccia, the youngest child of Jeannie and Rich Bisaccia, was born on June 8, 1993. Freedom High School in Tampa, Florida, produced Madeline, also known as Maddie, a graduate. She thus presently works for Vault Aviation.

Richard Oakley Bisaccia

A well-known player in the National Football League is Rich Bisaccia (NFL). In actuality, he serves as the Las Vegas Raiders’ interim coach at the moment. At Yankton College, the 61-year-old New Yorker was a defenseman. He received a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Wayne State as his diploma.

After earning his bachelor’s degree, Rich became a defensive back coach for Wayne State. He has since coached at several illustrious universities, including Clemson and the University of Mississippi.

Rich Bisaccia Son Played For Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders 

Richard Oakley Bisaccia, better known as Richie Bisaccia, was born on July 21, 1994, in Florida, the United States, and is the only son of Rich and Jeanne and the youngest member of his family. His three sisters are all older than him and total of three.

Richie participated on the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders football team while he was a member of the Tennessee football team. From 2013 until 2017, he was a defensive back for the group. He played four seasons on the primary roster.

  Rich Bisaccia son also plays football
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He appeared in four games for the Raiders in 2015, one of his standout seasons with the team. Richie had three stops during the season in a victory over North Texas. He then put on an outstanding performance in a victory over Jackson State. Richie didn’t appear in any Raiders games before 2015. He did, however, choose to sit out in 2013.

Moreover, the youngest of Rich Bisaccia’s children was listed on the Raiders’ official website roster even though he did not play for the team in the following seasons. When we looked at the previous roster, Richie was listed on the season roster from 2013 to 2017.

Rich Bisaccia Wife Jeannie Bisaccia Is The Mother Of His Children

Rich Bisaccia’s wife, Jeannie Bisaccia, is a registered nurse and has been working in the hospital industry for a very long time.

Rich and Jeannie married in 1984 and have given birth to his four children.

Jeanne Jons Bisaccia, also known as Jeannie Bissacia, was born in Sioux City, Iowa, on December 21, 1962. Henry Jons and Ann Julie Jons were her parents. In her native Iowa, she completed her education at West High School. She enrolled in Mount Marty College after graduating from high school, where she studied nursing and received a Bachelor of Science.

Rich Bisaccia  and his wife Jeanne Bisaccia
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At the city’s St. Luke’s Hospital, Jeanne’s mother worked as an assistant supervisor in the ER. She also oversaw and administered the Sioux Valley Hospital’s addictions program.

Her mother also wrote operating guides for drug users to assist them detox and treating their eating disorders brought on by drug addiction. Sadly, on May 26, 2011, her mother passed away.

Jeannie Bisaccia, Rich Bisaccia’s partner, is quite active on social media. She has a private Instagram account that only has 362 followers.

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