Robin Lehner Family And Love For Exotic Reptiles

Robin Lehner (left) pictured with Donya as the two celebrate after his victory in 2014 and on the right are the two kids, Zoe and Lennox of the couple
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Robin Lehner was raised by his parents Michael and Veronica Lehner in Sweden. Robin comes from a family with a love for hockey.

The 31-year-old Vegas Golden Knights player, Robin Lehner, has been looked up to as a hero since 2018 when he came clean about his problem with alcohol addiction and later became an advocate of mental health after his diagnosis of bipolar disorder and ADHD. 

On January 14, it was revealed that the goaltender and his wife, Donya, had filed for bankruptcy as they had $50 million in debts to pay to their creditors. But the problem stretches a few months prior when a Wisconsin company sued Robin and his father, Michael $4 million. 

One of the missed payments of the Vegas goaltender includes a purchase of rare snakes, which cost him $1.2 million made in 2017. Maybe he should have stuck with normal pets, of which he has four, rather than going after the ones that cost him millions and now a bankruptcy case. 

Robin Lehner Family

Robin Lehner family have had a complicated history of mental illness running for many years. 

In his interview with ESPN, the goaltender said many of his close ones tried to commit suicide and had problems with alcoholism. In 2018, the hockey player suffered from a panic attack which resulted due to undiagnosed bipolar disorder and alcohol addiction. 

Donya Lehner poses with her daughter Zoe as the goaltender posts the photo as a tribute to Donya on her birthday in 2020
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As a kid growing up in Sweden, Robin would see several people suffering from mental illness and addiction come to his father, Michael's rehabilitation facilities. It was his dad who suggested he should try his hands at hockey at age 10.

Growing up the father-son relationship felt more like father-coach, and his mother, Veronica, would have to often calm things down between the two. Lehner also has a sister named Maja, but the two didn't grow up together as they have an age difference of fourteen years. 

In 2012, the NHL player shared a photo of his mother and sister hugging each other as he captioned the post, "My awesome mom and sister."

On left: Robin's daughter Zoe is all decked up in a panda gear and on right: The goaltender's son pictured watching on his game in the big screen in 2020
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In 2014, the goalie tied the knot with his partner of two years, Donya, the woman he credits for standing beside him during one of the most troublesome periods of his life. The couple met in Sweden and later shifted to the US with their two kids, Lennox and Zoe.

Currently, the Lehners have all been dragged into the bankruptcy scandal, with revelations being made that Michael ran a reptile farm with his son. The couple, Donay and Robin, filed for bankruptcy after having to owe multimillions of dollars to multiple creditors. 

Robin Lehner Wife Donya Lehner

Robin Lehner met his wife Donya Lehner in 2012 when he broke into the NHL.

Donya was the first one to witness Robin's alcohol addiction and was the first one to want to help him. However, Robin tried to shut her down and didn't want to show that he was "weak" to her. 

In 2019, Donya was present at the NHL awards ceremony as she accompanied her partner to the event. The goaltender won the Masterton Trophy at the event, where Donya was seen visibly emotional. She was one of the first people Robin thanked during his acceptance speech. 


In his interview with The Athletic, Robin said how much Donya had to suffer because of his addictions. There was a time when the hockey would quietly slip out of the house as Donya would put their children to sleep so he could go out and buy more beers. 

When Robin's problems were diagnosed in full scale, Donya said she was more relieved than anything else as they finally found out why Robin was behaving the way he was as the goalie entered the rehab facility to treat himself. 

Donya Lehner snuggles with their four bull dogs as Robin captures the sweet moment in 2013
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Now, more people might know the NHL player as more of a lover of exotic animals, but he and Donya are parents to three fury animals and two humans. They care for four bulldogs, Jax, Nero, Piney, and Nancy whom we can see on Robin's Instagram handle repeatedly. 

Though she is a mother of two, Donya hasn't let go of her model-like physique. On her Facebook, the NHL WAG can be seen showing her sculpted body along with sharing pictures with her children. 

Robin Lehner Kids

Robin Lehner shares two kids with Donya. 

The couple tied the knot in 2014, the same year they also had their first child, Lennox. Three years later, Donya gave birth to their second child, Zoe, whom the couple welcomed in 2017. 

Lennox Lehner

Lennox gives a wide smile to the camera as Robin shares the photo on the occasion of Lennox's sixth birthday in 2020
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Lennox Lehner, age 8, was born on October 31, 2014. In his interview with The Athletic in 2020, the hockey player talked about how his son had to change schools because of his sporting life frequently.

The athlete said Lennox had five different jerseys from his five different schools. Though he agrees that they are privileged, he wants them to have some stability in their lives. 

Though Robin has tried to keep his children away from the public limelight as much as possible, he can be seen sharing Lennox and Zoe's photos on his Instagram handle during their birthdays. 

Zoe Lehner

Zoe Lehner looks like a princess on her third birthday as Robin shares the snap on his Instagram handle
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Zoe Lehner, age 5, was born on October 28, 2017. Robin had introduced Zoe to the world the day she was born as he shared the picture of his daughter being tucked into warm clothes right after her birth. 

As the hockey played checked into rehab in 2018, he kept his social media pages inactive for two years. In 2019 ,as he returned to social media, he shared a photo of his two-year-old daughter and called her a little troublemaker. 

In the past, Robin has expressed his regret for not being more of a present father in his children's life. Once he realized his problems, he wanted to be a better version of himself and become a better father for Lennox and Zoe. 

Robin Lehner Parents

Robin Lehner parents Michael and Veronica Lehner raised him in Sweden. 

Michael Lehner was a hockey coach in his hometown in Sweden and pushed his son to play the game once his son told him he wanted to become a hockey goaltender. He pushed his child so much that the parents in their neighborhood started thinking Michael was a lunatic. 

Robin Lehner father, Michael Lehner pictured at a restaurant in 2019 as Veronica shares the post on her Facebook handle
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Michael had never expected his son to like hockey, let alone play it. He had always seen Robin with a soccer ball and was a bit taken aback when Robin expressed his desire to become a hockey player. 

In their interview with Ottawa Citizen in 2014, Michael said he did regret being too harsh on his growing up whenever he would make mistakes on the field. If there's one thing he would go back and change, that would be to reduce the toughness he showed on him.

Veronica Lehner looks stylish as she enjoys a fun day out in 2013
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Veronica would always try her best to soothe things between the father-son duo but could never be able to calm them down. Currently, Veronica works as a receptionist at Rosenhill Seamen Center, as per her Facebook handle.

Michael and Veronica became parents again after 14 years of Robin's birth as they welcomed Maja. Currently, in high school, recently the teenager with her friends was involved in a project for selling glasses which she was seen modeling on the company's Instagram page. 

Maja(right) with her friend models the glasses which they made for their group project
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Till 2014, Michael was a goaltending coach for Frolunda Indians and it came as shocking news when he was named along with his son as one of the principal members in a Nevada business license filling for Solarcode as they failed to make payments to a Wisconsin company.