Former NFL Linebacker Tre Johnson’s Wife Myley Johnson Is A TikTok Star

Tre Johnson, a former linebacker for the chargers in NFL is married to his wife Myley Johnson. Myley is a TikTok star and influencer.

She is now famous for her video on YouTube and TikTok. 

Many viewers started watching her videos because of her husband’s fame in the NFL. The couple always tries to make funny videos that entertain their fans. While Tre also appeared in the videos sometimes with her children to increase her wife’s viewers. 

Besides Tiktok, she is also active on other social media platforms. She usually shares her post with her fans, and her tweets are exciting and influential for the viewers; many of her followers believe that her tweets influence them to achieve greatness in their real life.

Who Is Tre Johnson’s Wife, Myley Johnson ?

Myley is popularly known as the wife of NFL star Tre Johnson, but she has also started a name for herself as the TikTok star and influencer.

Miley’s humor and vlog-style films on her TikTok account have amassed a sizable fan following. On the video site, she has gotten over 170 million likes. Additionally, The J Family, her family’s YouTube channel, now has over 450,000 subscribers. She is currently a star who rose to fame due to her accomplishments rather than those of her husband.

They have been friends since childhood and were classmates in school, but they only began dating when she started following Tre’s games as a junior linebacker in their high school time.

After years of dating, the classmates exchanged vows in 2017. They were relocating to Dallas–Fort a few weeks later as the Dallas Cowboys selected him in the 2017 NFL draft. 

Tre Johnson wife Myley Johnson is a TikTok star and influencer, who always prefer to share her videos and picture with her husbands and children's
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After some years of marriage, the couple is blessed with a baby girl, who the athlete shared on Instagram with touching messages expressing his love for his child.

Now the couple is the proud parents of three children with whom they are now living in their hometown. Myley has highlighted their new home on Instagram. She remarked that she is sad to leave her former home since she liked it so much and all of the memories she built there, but she is also pleased about the experiences ahead at her new home.

How Many Children Do Tre And Myley Have Together?

Tre and Myley are the proud parents of their three children, born after their marriage in 2015. 

Every year, the couple organizes a grand surprise birthday party for their family members, friends, and other loved ones to celebrate the birthday of their children.

Tre and Myley Johnson are moving to a new house, and they are excited to settle and surprise their children with new house
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Although the couple has not yet revealed their children’s names, they frequently post photos on Instagram. Since three of their children went on to become celebrities as a result of their parents’ almost daily social media posting of their pictures for their followers, the children grew up around cameras and had a constant desire to shoot videos and snap photos with their parents for their family Tiktok accounts and youtube channel.

Tre, who was close to his mother as a child and understood the commitment women make for their children, has almost exclusively credited his wife with raising three children. On Mother’s Day, even the athlete posted an Instagram photo of his wife while expressing his love for her and praising her for raising their children according to his wishes.

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