Was Bobby Ryan Arrested For Alcohol Intoxication? News and Mugshots From Nashville Airport

Bobby Ryan, an American ice hockey player, is an unrestricted free agent. He played a winger in the NHL for Ottawa Senators, Anaheim Ducks, and Detroit Red Wings

The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim selected Ryan with the second overall pick in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft. After six seasons with the Ducks, he was traded to the Senators in 2013. Furthermore, he competed for the United States as an Olympic hockey player.

Despite Ryan’s massive talent, he has a long history of alcohol abuse. The NHL star has been detained once more because of his problems with alcoholism.

Was Bobby Ryan Arrested For Alcohol Intoxication?

Bobby Ryan was arrested for public intoxication on Monday, July 25, 2022. The police detained him at the Nashville International Airport.

According to Hockey Patrol, an airport shop reported that Ryan had taken items without paying. They filed a complaint against Ryan, who was observed via the shop’s security cameras.

The clip showed Ryan leaving the stolen item on the counter. He then enters the Little Harpeth Brewing, where police found him seated at a bar ordering a drink.

The Nashville Police found Ryan highly intoxicated; the NHL star did not even know where he was and could not stand on the ground.

The store rejected the prosecution of the recovered items. However, the police took Ryan for public intoxication.

Bobby Ryan Mugshots From Nashville Airport- His Charges & More

The Metro Police Nashville has released a mugshot of Bobby Ryan. 


According to the police records, the airport shop that found Ryan stealing has dropped its complaint. However, the NHL star is still facing intoxication charges.

Bobby Ryan was released with a fine. He was dismissed after the standard wight hour public intoxication held by the Metro Police Nashville.

Bobby Ryan Had Long been Fighting Alcohol Intoxication

NHL star Bobby Ryan has a long history of alcohol abuse. He won the 2020 Bill Masterton award after his recovery.

The Bill Masterton honor is given to the hockey player who best embodies the traits of tenacity, sportsmanship, and commitment.

The winger had previously stated that his tragic childhood contributed to his drinking problem. While drunk, his father was charged with murder as well. Eventually, he and his mother live anonymously in Canada. Ryan thinks that ignoring these issues escalated over the last three years.

The NHL player admitted that he found it difficult to ask for help because of the stigma associated with alcoholism.

Beginning in November 2019, Ryan took an extended leave of absence from the Ottawa Senators. He struggled with alcoholism and entered the NHL/NHLPA player assistance program to fight his inner demons.

The assistance program helped him fight substance abuse and attain good mental health. His wife and coach also supported him.

In February 2020, Ryan returned with the Ottawa Senators. He assisted in his team’s victory with outstanding performance, snapping a four-game losing streak.

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