Who Was David Littleproud Partner – Was The Politician Caught Having An Extra Marital Affair?

Politician David Littleproud is rumored to have had an affair and cheated on his partner. Let us find out more about the leader’s personal life and his new relationship.

Ousting the Nationals leader, Barnaby Joyce, Mr. Littleproud has become the new Nationals leader, with Perin Davey as the deputy.

The Australian politician was a former banker in the National Australia Bank who had recently made an entry into the world of politics. 

Was David Littleproud Having An Affair And Cheating On His Partner?

The 45-year-old was rumored to be having an affair and cheating on his partner. Before the confirmation of the former banker with ex-wife Sarah, the politician was seen with their current partner, Amelia Dobson. 

Speculations from the public about David cheating on his wife, causing their marriage to fallout, were everywhere. Furthermore, the fact that the politician already had a partner not too later after the separation raised more doubts.


Amelia Donson worked in agro-business in Suncorp in Toowoomba in the past. Also, Littleproud had worked in the same company in agro-business. 

This coincidence led people to assume the couple had already been seeing each other before the split of David and Sarah.

However, there is no evidence of the affair or the cheating rumors. Furthermore, their former wife, Sarah, has not spoken about the issue either. 

Also, Mr. Littleheart denies all the allegations of cheating on his former wife and talks about how the former married couple had been separated for quite some time before the announcement.

David Littleproud Family & Kids

David was married to his former wife, Sarah, for about 20 years. A series of separation announcements followed in the political field in Australia as David and Barnaby both got divorced around the same time. 

With their former wife Sarah, Littleproud had three sons, Tom, Hugh, and Harry. Before his split from his wife, the family was one happy family in the eyes of the public.


The politician won the hearts of the public when he decided to pay tribute to his family in 2016 at the House of Representatives, saying,

“My wife, Sarah, and our three boys- Tom, Hug, and Harry- are a constant pillar of support for me, and for that, I am truly grateful.”

After the couple split in 2019, David started seeing Ms. Dobson, who has a child of her own with her ex-husband. 

The former banker and his new girlfriend seem to have many similarities starting with their former careers. Both of them seem to be enjoying each other’s company and supporting each other.

What is David Littleproud’s Twitter? 

The Australian politician is quite active on his Twitter account @D_LittleproudMP.

With over 12k followers on Twitter, the leader of the Nationals tweets about his political views. He recently tweeted about him being elected the leader of The Nationals party.

David was thrilled to have reached the point in his life where he was the leader of the Nationals, starting as a 6-year-old boy as a part of the Nationals.

His new girlfriend, Amelia, is also seen supporting her partner in the elections on his Twitter. The two make a lovely couple, and it’s so nice to see her supporting him throughout the elections.

David Littleproud: Wiki Bio.

Born on September 4, 1976, the son of a former state government minister grew up in Queensland. Littleproud has represented the Queensland seat of Maranoa and acted as a cabinet minister in the Turnbull and Morrison governments.

Before becoming the leader of the Nationals in May of 2022, he worked in the National Australia Bank along with Suncorp. 

Upon entering politics, he has served as Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Droughtm Rural Finance, Natural Disaster and Emergency Management, and Agriculture and Northern Australia. 

Currently, he is planning to take the Nationals party in a different direction than before. 

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