What Happened To Fitz Youtube? Where Did Fitz Go? Cameron McKay Career Earnings Details


Find out what happened to Fitz, a popular YouTuber from New Zealand who makes humorous gaming videos.

A New Zealand YouTuber renowned for his humorous gaming videos, he presently resides with five of his pals in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

They are part of a podcasting group called Misfits. Together with five of his buddies, he presently resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, where they podcast as the Misfits.

Most of Cameron's humour videos feature him and his pals playing shooter games like CS: GO, PUBG, Fortnite, and even Rainbow Six Siege.

What Happened To Fitz Youtube? 

There isn't any information related to Fitz. He appears in excellent health and is not currently embroiled in any scandal.

Carson stopped following Fitz and Katerino on Twitter in the latter part of March. However, a few days later, Carson went on Reddit to confirm the rumours that his girlfriend Kate, also known online as Katerino, had cheated on him with Cameron, a friend of Carson's.

Fitz Infront of His Mic
Fitz Infront of His Mic( Source : Thefamouspeople )

On April 15, Carson regretted endangering Cameron and Katerino's careers. Additionally, Cameron has apologized to Carson on Twitter, which has drawn support from the audience. 

The entire issue was false since Carson and Kate were never together, and according to Chad Roberts on Instagram Live, Carson was okay with Fitz and Kate dating. This information was released in January 2021.

Where Did Fitz Youtube Go?

A YouTuber from New Zealand named Cameron McKay is well-known for his humorous gaming videos. Online, he goes as Fitz or GoodGuyFitz.

Together with his buddies, he presently resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, where they run a podcast collectively known as the Misfits. He was born in New Zealand on September 18, 1996.

Fitz mostly posts videos to his YouTube page, where he may be seen performing alongside other Misfits podcast participants.

He is well known for his humorous videos in which he plays shooter games like Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, PUBG, and CSGO. In addition, he co-hosts both their YouTube channel and podcast for the Misfits.

Find Fitz Youtube Net Worth And Career Earnings

There aren't official details related to Fitz's net worth in 2022. However, according to Net Worth Spot, he has an estimated net worth of $334,5k.

Fitz's earnings from YouTube are expected to be $1000 per month and $58000 yearly. However, given that he has had multiple sponsorships and is a member of The Misfits, his actual income may be far more.

At the beginning of his channel, Cameron posted typical Let's Plays like CS: GO, DayZ, H1Z1, and Battlefield. Then, he began creating collections of humorous incidents with subtitles emphasising jokes players tell.

Fitz In His Studio
Fitz In His Studio( Source : Pinterest )

Fitz worked with those who had more subscribers than him once Cameron stumbled across them, and the resulting videos helped him grow his channel.

When Fitz garnered 45,000 subscribers in only 20 days in June 2016, the Fitz channel began to take off. He had roughly 110,000 subscribers in September. He still records monthly Funny Moment videos with a lot of his pals.

About Fitz Youtube Wife And Children

In April 2020, it was found that Katerino had cheated on CallMeCarson with Fitz. Other well-known figures, like Mitch Jones and IWillDominate, were engaged in this affair. However, it is unknown whether Katerino also cheated on them.

It doesn't appear that he is dating anybody. Therefore it's probably safe to assume he is single after his traumatic breakup with Katerino.

One of the viral clips was a video of Fitz acting as an esports analyst and discussing how other players were server-surfing.

Fitz is a member of the Misfits, a collective of video producers, in addition to his own YouTube channel. He frequently appears in their VLOG-style films on the Misfits YouTube account and co-hosts their podcast, The Misfits Podcast.