What Happened To Lance Stewart’s Grandma? On Recent Twitter Post

 What Happened To Lance Stewart Grandma? Questions arose after she was shared to be hospitalized in his recent video.

Lance Stewart is a YouTube personality from the United States who has built a reputation for himself through posting blogs, response videos, and pranks.

He has a tight relationship with his grandma, who has appeared in numerous of his videos. His grandma, who appears in the majority of his videos, is his favorite person. He refers to her as “Badass Grandmom” a lot.

What Happened To Lance Stewart Grandma?

 Lance Stewart Grandma has been hospitalized and bedridden as of the moment.

She also has bruised all over her hand. She recently went to though a surgy we guess it is related to her heart.

She is slowly getting back to being healthy, and we will see more of her in future videos.

Grandma is almost always involved in every one of Lance’s prank videos.

She is famously known as Badass Grandma. She became famous on the popular app Vine, where she had over 850,000 followers before the program was canceled.

She became renowned as prominent Vine star Lance Stewart’s grandma after being highlighted on his social media.

Who Is Lance Stewart Wife?

 Lance Stewart is married to wife Julia Summer.

Lance initially hinted at having a new girlfriend in 2019 when he shared a photo with her on Christmas Day.

Because the mystery woman’s face was obscured in the shot, fans flooded the comments section with questions about who Lance was seeing.

The following month, the YouTuber came to his channel to publicly introduce his lady love, Julia Summer, to his viewers.

It turns out that their romance was meant to be, as the two announced their engagement five months after they first started dating.

Naturally, the couple revealed the news of their engagement in May 2020 via a vlog video. Lance proposed on Julia’s birthday, but he had really purchased the ring barely two months before.

Lance Stewart Net Worth 2022 Explored

According to websites, He has a net worth of more than $5 million as of February 2022.

Since 2013, he has been making money from advertising revenue generated by his social media pranks and prank comedy events.

His annual salary has progressively increased over the years. Every day, he receives over 1.5 million views on his YouTube videos, which amounts to approximately $0.8 million in ad income from YouTube alone.

This places him among the top YouTubers. He also receives money from corporations through product placement in his films.

He has also launched his celebrity merchandising shop on an e-commerce website, which sells men’s and women’s trendy clothes and accessories.

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