Who Is Cinthie? Everything To Know About Her New Album DJ Kicks

Cinthie is a DJ who just released her new album, DJ Kicks. Find out more about the DJ in this article.

Cinthie is a Berlin-based DJ, producer, record store owner, and label head. Cinthie has long been a significant presence in the house scene.

Her career in the music industry began decades ago, when she worked behind the counter of a record store in Saarbrücken, near Frankfurt, and as a permanent DJ at many clubs in the city.

In 2021, the critically acclaimed artist has firmly established herself as a driving force in the contemporary house scene, releasing material on her own 803 Crystal Grooves label in Australia and taking crates from Tokyo to Paris, London, Amsterdam, and beyond with her DJ sets, in addition to regular cameos on her home ground and clubbing mecca, Berlin.

Cinthie believes that “DJ-Kicks represents a milestone in any artist’s career” and tells us, “When putting together my tracklist, she wanted to make sure to cast a light on her old idols as well as the young kids in the game.”

Learn more On Who Is Cinthie?

Cinthie, a DJ, label head, producer, and record shop owner, is undoubtedly having the most productive era of her illustrious career, with countless engagements across the world, frequent high-profile remixes, and establishing her reputation as one of Berlin’s most renowned dance music figureheads.

It’s a fitting tribute to an artist who has devoted her whole life to club culture.

Cinthie discovered that when her preferences evolved, they no longer matched those of the label. Not only did she have restless feet, but she was also dissatisfied with a few of the things she had encountered as a girl working in the major music industry.

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Explore The Wiki Bio And Age Of Cinthie

Cinthie’s bio is not yet available on Wikipedia, but there are various fan pages where you can find it. Cinthie is currently 40-42 years old.

Her narrative begins in Saarbrücken, a tiny German city on the French border, with a 25-year musical love affair.

Cinthie’s parents exposed her to the sounds of Steve “Silk” Hurley, WestBam, and numerous others, and a rave cassette from a mystery artist named Sven—passed down from an older relative—pushed her to delve deeper into this enthralling electronic realm. Once you’re there, you never get out, “she argues,” before revealing that the Sven at issue was Sven Väth.

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Does Cinthie Have A Boyfriend

We don’t know if she currently has a boyfriend or not, but in her interview, she talked about her first husband. 

Her first boyfriend was a DJ in his bedroom. He taught her how to mix and was her main idol at the time, along with Paul Johnson, Karotte, DJ Sneak, and Kerri Chandler.

She was only pleased to be able to beatmatch two records at a time, and her setup consisted of two crappy Monacor turntables, both belt-driven.


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