Who Is Zhan Petrosyants? Twin Brother Robert Petrosyants And Operators Of Controversial Restaurant

The state authorities confiscated a Brooklyn eatery last week for failing to pay over $400,000 in outstanding taxes. The restaurant “Forno Rosso” has connections to two admitted felons- Zhan and Robert Petrosyants, twin brothers who are close friends of Mayor Eric Adams.

Due to the significant tax deficit, the State Department of Taxation and Finance posted a vividly visible “SEIZED” sign on Wednesday’s front door of the expensive pizzeria on Gold Street in Downtown Brooklyn.

Read more about the Petrosyants brothers and their previous felonies.

Who Is Zhan Petrosyants? His Wikipedia And Age

Zhan Petrosyants, also known as Johnny, is one of the operators of Forno Rosso. With his other twin brother, Robert, they used to run the sophisticated pizza shop in Brooklyn until it was confiscated for tax evasion.

Reportedly, to hide the source and ownership of the money and avoid being discovered by federal investigators, Zhan cashed checks issued to the shell businesses at a check-cashing establishment in Queens.

According to a representative for the State Department of Taxation and Finance, the property was seized on Thursday for an unpaid sum of $380,785 that had accumulated since warrants were first issued in 2018.

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Details On Zhan Petrosyants: Twin Brother Robert Petrosyants 

Public documents reveal that Zhan Petrosyants and Robert Petrosyants, the twin brothers pled guilty to federal criminal charges in 2014. They recently made news due to their connections to Mayor Adams and his top City Hall adviser.

When Zhan Petrosyants was aside Eric Adams in 2014 at the inauguration of Forno Rosso, they were beaming in happiness, and their restaurant served a personal burrata, provola, and speck pizza for $23.

As per the state tax warrants, Brooklyn attorney Akiva Ofshtein, who has done business with the Petrosyants for years, is the main owner of Forno Rosso.

Zhan “Johnny” Petrosyants (right) and his twin brother, Robert Petrosyants (left)
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According to a sworn deposition, Robert Petrosyants is named a guarantor in the restaurant’s lease and acknowledged last year that he manages Forno Rosso during testimony in separate litigation.

Ofshtein acknowledged that Robert worked for Forno Rosso but refuted the assertion that any of the brothers is the restaurant’s owner. He clearly stated that he was the sole owner of the restaurant. He further added that he is working with the government to settle the tax arrears and hinted that he does not see the restaurant returning anytime soon.

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What Is Petrosyants Brothers’ Net Worth 2022?

The net worth of the Petrosyants brothers has not been disclosed. The twin brothers are 40 years old and previously pleaded guilty in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

They admitted to conspiring to violate the Bank Secrecy Act by triggering the submission of fraudulent Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs) for cash transactions over $10,000 before United States District Judge Frederic Block at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn today.

Brooklyn restaurant Forno Rosso seized by NY over $380K tax debt
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Recently, when they were brought under arrest for tax evasion, the Brooklyn mayor Adams defended himself and his friends as his acquaintance with a convicted felon surfaced.

Adams downplayed the significance that businessman Zhan and his brother, Robert, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to cause the submission of fake cash transaction reports in 2014 to the thought that their friendship should be discarded forever.

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