Is Mike Jerrick On Vacation This Week? Suspended Or Leaving, Anchor Facebook And Instagram Posts

Mike Jerrick Is A TV Host And News Presenter Of FOX 29 ( Source : Facebook )

Mike Jerrick, an American journalist who works at FOX 29 as a news anchor and a co-host, is not seen behind the cameras of FOX 29 this week, and fans are wondering where is he today.

He joined FOX 29 in 1999 and resigned from the post in 2002, serving only three years in the company. He re-joined the FOX 29 News team as a co-host of Good Day Philadelphia in July 2009.

FOX 29: Where Is Mike Jerrick Today? Is He On Vacation?

Mike hasn't been seen in any programs on FOX 29 this week. Fans suspect whether he had left the news channel without any announcement or simply he is suspended again. Previously he was discontinued in 2017 for using a forbidden word during the live telecast.

Mike Jerrick Photographed With American Singer Howard Hewett
Mike Jerrick Photographed With American Singer Howard Hewett ( Source : Instagram )

He is also not seen on any of his social media platforms recently. He has been off the radar since last week and hasn't been spotted in public either. He might be ill or enjoying a vacation.

It is most unlikely for him to leave his job as he is one of the company's experienced employees, and there hasn't been any information from FOX 29's side regarding his departure.

Is Mike Jerrick Suspended Or Leaving FOX 29's Team?

Jerrick's current status is not known to the media. He is probably not suspended or fired from FOX 29's team as there hasn't been any official statement from the network regarding this matter. However, Jerrick was given a week's suspension by Fox 29 in January 2017.

On the 23rd, Jerrick, co-host Alex Holley, and guests were talking about Kellyanne Conway's now-famous "alternative facts" comment that she was "excellent at bullshit."

Both Jerrick and Holley said, "We're sorry for that". However, management promptly suspended Jerrick for the remainder of the week for uttering a word deemed vulgar on live air.

On January 30, he apologized to Holley and the audience for his absence and thanked them for their support on the station's social media platforms.

Mike Jerrick's Career In Nutshell  - Is He Retiring?

He has co-hosted "DaySide," Fox News Channel's daily live audience daytime conversation show, and he frequently served as a guest co-anchor for "Good Day New York," a WNYW-FOX 5 morning show.

In October 2002, Mike left "Good Day Philadelphia" and joined FOX News Channel as the weekend co-host of "FOX and Friends." Prior to joining FOX 29, Mike served as managing editor and anchor on "America Afterhours," a national newsmaker and celebrity interview show that aired live on CNBC.

America's Talking, a nationwide cable television network, also featured him as a "What's News" host.

FOX 29 Anchor's Facebook And Instagram Posts

He has not been active on his social media for the past eight days. His last post on Facebook was on October 18 2021. He posted on Instagram on June 21 2022, about his children's gift to him on the occasion of fathers day.

From 1991 until 1997, Mike presented "Sci-Fi Buzz" on the Sci-Fi Channel of USA Network. From 1991 to 1994, he also created and starred in HBO's "World Entertainment Report." In San Francisco and Los Angeles, he produced and reported for KCAL-TV and "Evening Magazine" on KPIX-TV.

Prior to that, he worked for five years as the anchor of the USA Network's national health and fitness program "Alive & Well." He started his professional career in 1981 at WNYW-TV in New York as the producer and host of "P.M. Magazine."