Kriss Proctor And Abby Labar’s Wedding Was Cancelled After Affair With Ian Cole

Abby Labar’s fiance Kriss Proctor called off their wedding during rehearsal dinner.

In three months, they would have celebrated their fifth anniversary.
Proctor canceled the wedding during rehearsal dinner because he found out his fiance was cheating on him with Ian Cole.

Since the news broke out in July, fans have wondered whether or not Abby Labar got fired and where she is now. To know more, keep scrolling.

Is Abby Labar Married To Fiance Kriss Proctor?

Abby Labar is not married to her former fiance Kriss Proctor. They parted ways three months before their fifth anniversary.

Had she not cheated on him with Ian Cole, she would have been married on July 9, 2022. 

The wedding ring is permanently missing from her ring finger, and so are Proctor’s photos from her Instagram wall. However, it seems she did not have the heart or the time to remove tweets about Kriss.


Her tweets on their third anniversary are still up.

On October 7, 2020, she tweeted, ‘3 years later & I still ask myself “how did I get so lucky to snatch up a man who can grow such a mean stache?” Happy Anniversary to the one I indulge in ridiculous amounts of pizza with. Maybe in year four you will finally like me more than golf. ❤️ @KrissProctor.’

Abby Labar Fiance Kriss Proctor

Abby Labar fiance Kriss Proctor is a quality control assistant. In 2016, he formally joined the Wolfpack football staff.

Prior to that, Kriss was a wife receiver coach and recruiting coordinator at Indiana State for the 2015 season.

He is originally from Big Bear Lake, California. Abby’s fiance has been a crucial player in the 2008 Military Bowl, the 2009 Texas Bowl and the 2010 Poinsietta Bowl. 

Kriss holds a Bachelor of Science degree in political science from Boise State University. He served as an offensive quality control assistant for a year and worked with the recruiting staff from 2012-14.

Kriss Proctor And Abby Labar Wedding

Kriss Proctor and Abby Labar’s wedding fell through after rumors of her affair with Ian Cole surfaced.

Kriss called off the wedding during the rehearsal dinner. Not long after, Abby sealed their wedding website and removed all of their photos.

A day after their wedding was to take place, Kriss uploaded a family photo with the caption, “God. Family. Football.”

If he was having second thoughts about canceling the wedding, his fans left no doubt as to their support of his choice. The photo was full of comments cursing out Abby and supporting Kriss at the same time.

“Terrible to see the news of what you’re going through. Abby Labar belongs to the streets. And as for ole’ boy Ian Cole, my Blues will be sure to put a whooping on those sorry Hurricanes.”

Many left a comment saying Abby belonged to the streets.

Carolina Hurricanes Abby Labar And Ian Cole Affair

Carolina Hurricanes Abby Labar cheated on her fiance Kriss Proctor with Ian Cole.

Kriss Proctor confirmed the rumor on social media in July before he removed it sometime later. 

Though the affair ruined Abby’s career and set her back professionally and personally, it did not affect Ian Cole as much. Ian is still married to his wife, Jordan Rockwell. They have been married since 2015 and have not signed the divorce papers.

Abby Labar and Ian Cole do not follow each other on Instagram. As an in-game reporter, she had crossed paths with Ian many times. But when, where, and how many times they spent the night passionately is something only the two of them know.

Was Abby Labar Fired – Where Is She Now?

Carolina Hurricanes fired Abby Labar and replaced her with Hanna Yates in September 2022.

Abby is currently on the job hunt and vacationing in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Yates is the new in-game reporter and host of “Hurricanes LIVE.” However, Labar has yet to update her LinkedIn account.

According to rumors, Labar was fired due to her cheating scandal on July 2022.

Born and raised in Denver, North Carolina, Abby was always passionate about journalism. In college, she covered almost every major collegiate sport around the state. 

She was in her sophomore year when she got in front of a camera for the first time after being hired by Wolfpack Sports TV.

Besides her reporting skills, Abby Labar is also known for her beauty among NHL fans. Many people often referred to her as ” an NHL crush.” 


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