Andrew Hutchinson Fort Thomas Video As Kenton County SWAT Continue To Handle The Hostage Situation

A SWAT team is at a scene in Fort Thomas Monday night where Andrew Hutchinson is besieged. The scene is near the intersection of South Fort Thomas Avenue and South Grand Avenue.

According to a source, he opened fire on Fort Thomas police officers and is presently holed up within a building.

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Video: Andrew Hutchinson At Fort Thomas

A video of Andrew Hutchinson at Fort Thomas is currently getting viral on Twitter. Steven Albrurron, the WLWT news reporter, tweeted a video of Kenton County SWAT calling Andrew Hutchinson’s name to surrender.

“Sounds like flash bangs or tear gas was just utilized,” he wrote. So far, four Kenton County SWAT officers have called for “Andrew Hutchinson” to come out with his hands up.

The detail of the situation will be updated soon. But as of now, we know that he is involved in a hostage situation at Fort Thomas. According to Fox19, on Monday night, a SWAT squad was sent to a situation near Fort Thomas.

The action is taking place at the junction of South Fort Thomas Avenue and South Grand Avenue. According to a source, someone fired rounds at Fort Thomas police and is currently besieged inside a structure.

Police have stated that they are investigating an active shooter in the 700 block of Grand Avenue.

WLWT anchor Steven Albritton is also reporting from the site. According to Albritton, authorities attempted to contact the suspect but received no answer.

At this moment, no other information on the suspect or the incident has been published.

Kenton County SWAT Respond To Hostage Situation As 5 Shots Fired

Kenton County SWAT response to a hostage situation at South Fort Thomas Avenue. According to the WLWT anchor, five shots were fired earlier at the scene before officers surround the venue.

He wrote, “A new perspective. Kenton County SWAT officers continue to persuade Andrew Hutchinson to turn himself in and come outdoors.”

According to a witness he talked with, 5 shots were fired earlier. “Another claims she heard something during the storm and then saw a large number of police officers arrive.”

Officers are continuously attempting to contact him, but in vain.

Details will be followed soon. 

Andrew Hutchinson Suspect Motive And Wikipedia

Andrew Hutchinson is the suspect in the gunfire at Fort Thomas. However, neither his motivation nor the details surrounding the occurrence have been made public.

Following the revelation, some are demanding the individual’s Wikipedia and biography.

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