NFL: Blaine Gabbert Brother Brett Gabbert Is Also A QB At Miami RedHawks Football Team

Blaine Gabbert’s younger brother Brett Gabbert plays collegiate football at Miami RedHawks Football Team.

It is becoming more and more possible that Brett Gabbert will end up following in his older brother’s shoes. The younger brother of present Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Blaine Gabbert has been a standout player for the University of Houston RedHawks.

Blaine started college football at Missouri Tigers in 2008 and played for two seasons. After completing his junior year of college football at Missouri, he decided to leave early to enter the 2011 NFL Draft instead of returning for his senior season. The Jacksonville Jaguars used the tenth overall selection in the draft’s first round to choose him. 

Ohio Bobcats and Miami RedHawks are playing against each other tonight. Although the Red Hawks’ offense has had a rough season thus far, it will benefit from having Brett Gabbert at the helm moving forward. In the opening game of the year, played against Kentucky, Gabbert suffered an injury that forced him to miss a significant portion of the first half.

Quick Facts About Brett Gabbert

Full Name Brett Gabbert
Age 22 years
Hometown St. Louis, Mo.
Father’s Name Chuck Gabbert
Mother’s Name Beverly Gabbert
Siblings 2
Profession Football Player
Current Team Miami RedHawks

Yes, Brett Gabbert is blood-related to Blaine Gabbert. He is the younger brother of Blaine, who plays in the NFL.

Brett also has other brothers; thus, he is not the only sibling. Tyler Gabbert, his other brother, played football for the University of Missouri before departing for the University of Central Florida.

Blaine Gabbert brother Brett also plays in QB position. He made a record as a true freshman to start the season for Miami.
Source : 247sports

It’s not uncommon for football prowess to be passed down from generation to generation; the Gabberts are just one example.

Every one of the three brothers has left an imprint on the football teams they play for. And much like his older brother Blaine, who is now playing for the National Football League (NFL), Brett and Tyler’s ambition is to play in the National Football League one day. The NFL is a very prominent league.

Brett Gabbert already seems to have a far stronger future than Tyler. Unlike his siblings, Brett chose not to attend the University of Missouri but rather to participate in college athletics at Miami University, which is located in Ohio.

Who Is Blaine Gabbert Brother Brett Gabbert?

Blaine Gabbert’s brother Brett Gabbert plays at Miami RedHawks in the quarterback (QB) position.

However, the young athlete has been out of action since September due to an injury he sustained in early season games. During the first game of the season for the RedHawks, played against Kentucky, Gabbert suffered an injury to his upper body.

The junior quarterback had a productive showing, finishing his time in the game having thrown for 166 yards before being taken out of the game. It was believed that Gabbert would not play again this season, and the quarterback would want to put his rehabilitation first to focus on spring ball.

Gabbert Brothers, Blaine is the eldest and Brett is the youngest of the three; Tyler is the middle one.
Source : wfla

However, he returned to the squad for the first time in a few weeks so that he could play against the Ohio Bobcats on the 9th of November in the NCAA football. Gabbert makes the Miami Red Hawks a better team overall, and his record improves when he takes the field as the starting quarterback.

The 6-foot, 207-pounder moved to Oxford in June 2020. It was immediately chosen as the starting quarterback, making history as the first true rookie to ever start as quarterback for Miami to begin a season.

Gabbert has said that he relies heavily on his big brothers and the knowledge they have gained. “I am definitely able to lean on them when I make bad decisions. At the end of the day, it’s just football, but they have helped me how to handle things and move on to the next game.”

Untold Truth About Blaine Gabbert Brother Brett Gabbert

Brett Gabbert’s age is 22 years. He was born on August 4, 2000, in Ballwin, Missouri.

Gabbert was reared in Ballwin by his parents, Chuck and Beverly Gabbert, along with his two elder brothers, Blaine and Tyler, who are now active in the professional football league.

Brett Gabbert has at least one touchdown in every game last season.
Source : 247sports

His older brother Blaine is now a quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, an NFL club based in the city of Tampa in the state of Florida. While all is going on, Brett is still in his college years and is working on a degree in business.

Looking back at his impressive stats from 2021 NCAA football, the RedHawks quarterback threw at least one touchdown in every game. He finished the season with 2,648 yards of total offense, 26 touchdown passes, and only six interceptions thrown.

Some FAQs

What is Brett Gabbert age?

Brett Gabbert is 22 years old. He was born on August 4, 2000 to his parents Chuck and Beverly Gabbert.

Is Brett Gabbert related to Blaine Gabbert?

Yes, Brett and Blaine are related to each other. They are brothers. Blaine, the older brother plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL while Brett is a Miami RedHawks quarterback.

Who is Blaine Gabbert brother?

Blaine Gabbert has two brothers both playing professional football. They are Tyler and Brett Gabbert.

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