Sam Hyde And Hasan Piker Weight Class As Fans Eager For A Boxing Match

Comedian Sam Hyde has called out political commentator Hasan Piker for a heavy-weight boxing match after his victory against iamthmpsn on 27 August at the O2 arena in London.

Last month, he claimed that the fight against iamthmpsn would be his last if Hasan showed zero interest in fighting the heavyweight boxer. However, Hasan has yet to respond to Hyde’s challenge to fight him. 

Boxing: Hasan Piker And Sam Hyde Weight Class As Fans Eager For A Match

Famous comedian Sam Hyde has issued a million-dollar boxing fight challenge to left-wing fanatic Hasan Piker. Hasan Piker has expressed interest in Youtube boxing and boasted about his physical strength. Still, he has not yet accepted the crypto comedian’s invitation, which others have criticized as indecisive.

According to reports, the anonymous cryptocurrency investor who set up the bounty for the bout had previously declined to contribute to several charities. That is until he decided to support YouTube boxing, which, in his opinion, is a worthwhile investment.

Hyde accomplished his task by winning the boxing match against iamthompson last month. The ultimate objective of the fight was to eventually elicit a reaction from Piker, who has irritated many people, including Hyde, with his aggressive method of making his arguments.

He thinks the streamer, who has never addressed any of his numerous callouts in public, is unwilling to give the controversial comic access to his platform of millions of fans.

Sam Hyde And Hasan Piker Reddit Feud

Before Hyde spoke about what would happen next, the atmosphere at the O2 Arena after his victory was already a little wild. However, when the comedian took the stage, things grew considerably crazier, much to the delight of his followers, who were thrilled to see him win.

He began by expressing gratitude to everyone who had assisted him in getting ready for the big night, but after being asked who he would want to go off against next, things started to get a little off track. He has repeatedly shown that he meant business since initially insisting that he would make this fight happen back in March.

Hasan Piker Is Banned From Twitch For Racially Abusing People Based On Color
Source : cosmopolitan

Piker has not yet responded to the most recent challenge, but the fight is expected to happen anytime in the future, seeing the reaction of the fans. Many people, including Hyde, dislike Piker’s aggressive approach to making his ideas. He thinks the streamer, who has never recognized any of the numerous times he has been called out, is reluctant to give the controversial comic access to his platform of millions of viewers.

Hasan Piker has established himself as a tough social justice fighter in the extreme left-wing political community. Piker, who was recently banned from Twitch for encouraging racial hatred towards certain ethnic groups based on the color of their skin, has since turned to Twitter, where he continues to spread racial hatred under the guise of social justice.

Are They Fighting?

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. Fans are confused if Hasan Piker And Sam Hyde are fighting or all this is a hoax to create tension between the creators. The intention of the fight comes from Sam’s side as he is disgusted by the behavior of the political commentator.

The stage is set, and fans are excited, but the fight’s confirmation is yet to be made public. Hasan have not responded to Sam’s callout. As of writing this post, Hasan doesn’t seem that excited to fight Sam, as he constantly ignores the comments and messages of fans who want the fight to happen.

One of the Twitter users claimed that Hasan Pikar instantly blocked him after they messaged him saying ‘Fight Sam Hyde.’ Another fan said jokingly that Hasan would hear people saying Fight Sam for the rest of his life if he denies fighting the comedian this time. 

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