Who Is bubblebratz2 Tiktok? Trending Video And Details Of Social Media Star

bubblebratz2 is a Tiktok star who achieved fame at a young age. Before TikTok, she was already more prominent on other social media.

Everything in social media can be your brand and monetized if you use it correctly. As such, the popular TikToker bubblebratz2 has cracked this code and now earns both fame and fortune from the internet. 

She is known for her content which you can find both paid and unpaid. Her reach touches every major social platform that you know. You name it, and you can find bubblebratz in it!

Who Is bubblebratz2 on Tiktok?

bubblebratz2 is an American Tiktok content creator and social media influencer. 

She is mainly known for her lip-syncing, dancing, and NFSW videos. In fact, she has not only one popular Tiktok account but multiple profiles under the names such as @bubblebratzzz and @fatherlessbubbles.

@fatherlessbubbles That’s it, that’s the video #fypシ #forthemen #youtube #twitter ♬ original sound – Mireya Rios

One of her most popular Tiktok accounts, @fatherlessbubbles, garners attention from over 80.5k followers. Similarly, her total video likes exceed 491.4 thousand. 

In 2021, she uploaded a viral video following the “how big shirt hides everything” trend. This particular TikTok alone has more than 4.9 million views and 144.5 thousand hearts as of today. 

Additionally, her newly opened account @bubblebratzzz saw 2 thousand followers gain within a few days. Despite remaining fairly active, each video in the account has got over 140k views. 

bubblebratz2 Real Name And Age

Though known as bubblebratz2, her real name is actually Maddie May.

Though she uses her internet name in Tiktok, she actually prefers to go by Maddie May on her Instagram. The digital creator boasts 267k followers on her IG profile. Likewise, you can also talk to her via her private Instagram @bubblebratz_private. 

Furthermore, bubblebratz2 achieved all this fame at just the age of 23 years old. 

According to different sources, bubblebratz2 was born on the 2nd of February, 1999. She was born under the Aquarius star sign. And, she stays similar to her horoscope as a progressive, unique and independent person.

bubblebratz2 stands at the height of 4 feet and 11 inches tall. Despite falling short in stature, she is naturally blessed in other parts of her body. 

Outside Tiktok Bubble: bubblebratz2 Wikipedia 

bubblebratz2 doesn’t have a Wiki bio on Wikipedia sites yet. But, the social star is frequently featured in other biography detailing pages. 

You can also find her Twitter bio as @bubblebratz_, with nearly 5 thousand followers. Her bio mentions she is among the top .01% of only fans and 04% on fansly. 

@fatherlessbubbles I love big shirts #foryou #fypシ #thicktok #thick ♬ sonido original – Mechy Love ❤

As for now, bubblebratz2 is not dating anyone publically. She remains strictly loyal to her fanbase. Furthermore, she might be too caught up in her career and handling multiple social media to have spare time to engage with anyone. 

Nonetheless, any lucky guy will be down to settle with her. She is thick, beautiful, cute, and successful. That would be enough for anyone. 

The entrepreneur might be planning to launch merchandise very soon. However, Maddie has not yet revealed any future projects under her radar.

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