Who Is Janice Gladden? Former MLB Player Dan Gladden Wife And Children Details

Dan Gladden was not drafted coming out of college at Cal State-Fresno and signed as an undrafted free agent with the San Francisco Giants in 1979.
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Dan Gladden, an American former Major League Baseball player, and a radio commentator, was born Clinton Daniel Gladden III.

He started at the left field each game with the Minnesota Twins' two World Series championship teams in 1987 and 1991.

With strenuous effort and determination, he achieved popularity quickly.

Who Is Dan Gladden's Wife, Janice Gladden?

Every one of those happy students and their families has a story, but few are as remarkable as Janice Gladden's wife, Dan Gladden.

Janice Gladden delayed graduation for a former Twins player 35 years later. Thirty-five years after their first semester at a California junior college, her husband, former Minnesota Twin Dan Gladden, witnessed the graduation of his college sweetheart. She left school back then to help him out in the minors.

Graduation Day is noteworthy, particularly at Augsburg College, which values pageantry greatly. The family is a frequent visitor. Ashley and Whitney, daughters of Janice and Dan, both hold college degrees.

Janice Gladden remarked, "You know, I wondered what that felt like when both of my kids walked and graduated. "I had to take action in this situation. It was probably at the top of my list of things to do."

This time, her family is cheering as Janice walks through Augsburg College. It's fitting because Whitney's inspiration struck just as she left for Augsburg.

Whitney remarked, "Sure enough, look where she is now. I told her one day... there's a weekend college program here, and maybe she should check into it. About 35 years ago, Janice enrolled at junior college, but she was diverted when she fell in love with and married the baseball team's star player.

According to Whitney, "She put it on the back burner to follow my dad around and support him a little bit." "And fortunately, that worked out." Dan's long career and two world championships were the results. And Janice has a lengthy background in business, having worked with Target Financial Services for the past 19 years. But things weren't always like that.

Dan Gladden with his wife in their Wedding Day
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His first contract, for the months of the season, was for $550 per month, according to Janice. It ended there. 

Dan explained that you don't make much money playing baseball in the minor leagues. She made a time-related educational sacrifice because she "didn't feel like living with four other males and splitting the rent."

Janice has been studying with Dan while making sacrifices for the past four years. Her study area was his dinner table. "Seriously, the TV room and kitchen resemble college dormitories, he exclaimed. She has around three computers running, and every night she has homework. You must maintain silence."

Her diligence paid off. Janice received honors in her communications degree.

Whitney exclaimed, "I'm just so proud of her now. "I know she wanted it, and my grandpa wanted it for her, so it's fantastic," I said.

After receiving her diploma, Janice intends to take a year off before returning to school to pursue a master's degree. Dan is okay with that as long as he doesn't misplace his dining room table again. Janice remarked, "I finished what I started. "It feels so fantastic,"

Who Are Dan Gladden's Parents?

Gladden was born and reared in San Jose, California, by his parents. We tried to learn more about his family but were unsuccessful because no such information was available to the general public.

Consequently, it is still unknown who Gladden's parents are. Furthermore, it is unknown if he has any siblings.

Since the players try not to publicize their parents' information to keep it safe from Paparazzi, Dan has privately kept it secret because he likes to keep it under wraps. 

Dan Gladden's Net Worth

Gladden's estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million.

This includes his possessions, funds, and earnings. His work as a radio presenter is his primary source of income. Gladden has amassed a sizable wealth from his multiple sources of income, yet he chooses to live.

Since his dedication as a player is the primary reason he is here, he and his wife comparatively earn enough to fill their stomach and are extremely joyful to live a luxurious life. In his early days, Dan was into many endorsements, which made him immensely rich at the moment because of his popularity.

Dan Gladden Career

He attended California State University, Fresno, and was signed as an amateur free agent by the San Francisco Giants in 1979.

He was known as "The Dazzle Man." Gladden debuted in the major leagues with the Giants in 1983, and as the team's center fielder in 1984, he batted.351 with 31 stolen bases.

Gladden won a World Series with the Minnesota Twins in his first season after being transferred to them in 1987. He hit the first grand slam in a World Series game in seventeen years in Game 1.

When the Twins defeated the Atlanta Braves in 1991 in what is sometimes referred to as the best World Series ever played, he would win another championship ring. Gladden turned a broken bat bloop hit into a double in the dramatic Game 7 of the 1991 World Series before coming around to score on Gene Larkin's single off of Atlanta's Alejandro Pea in the bottom of the 10th inning.

Former Twin Dan Gladden enters his 24th year in the Twins radio broadcast booth, his 20th as a full-time analyst.
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Gladden played in 1,196 games over an 11-year major league career, batting.270 (1215-for-4501) with 663 runs, 74 home runs, 446 RBI, and 222 stolen bases. He played in 24 games while playing for the Minnesota Twins in the 1987 and 1991 postseasons, batting.279 (29-for-104), scoring 17 runs, driving in 15 RBI, and stealing seven bases.

He began working as the color commentator for the Twins radio network in 2000. He was most prominently heard on WCCO-AM from 2000 to 2006 and from 2007 on the Twins Radio Network and its Metro Affiliate KSTP. He collaborated with play-by-play announcer for the Twins John Gordon and Frick Award-winning commentator Herb Carneal; after Carneal passed away on April 1, 2007, Gladden took over Carneal's duties.