Who Is David Gazzaniga Md Chargers? 5 Facts On Doctor Treating Justin Herbert

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert injured his ribs during Thursday night football against Kansas City Chiefs. ( Source : Cbssports )

David Gazzaniga Md from chargers is the doctor behind Tyrod Taylor's lawsuit. He has been treating the quarterback Justin Herbert's injury.

A $5 million medical malpractice lawsuit has been filed against the LA Chargers doctor looking after Herbert's damaged rib cartilage.

In Week 2 of the 2022–23 NFL season, Justin Herbert sustained a rib injury while playing for the Los Angeles Chargers against the Kansas City Chiefs. Dr. David S. Gazzaniga, the Chargers' team physician who oversees the Newport Orthopedic Institute, determined that he had cracked rib cartilage.

Who Is Dr David Gazzaniga, A Medical Specialist For Chargers?

Dr Gazzaniga is an expert in sports medicine, particularly injuries to the shoulder, elbow, knee, and hip caused by athletics. Additionally, he does treatments like osteoarticular transplantation for knee cartilage abnormalities and hip arthroscopy.

He was raised in Orange County and left to play football at Dartmouth College before returning to finish medical school. Following that, he spent his residency at Harvard University. Dr Gazzaniga completed the following independent fellowships at the Steadman-Hawkins Clinic in Vail, Colorado: a Trauma Fellowship and a Sports Medicine Fellowship.

He has won Castle Connolly “Top Doctor” Award for Long Island (2008)
He has won Castle Connolly “Top Doctor” Award for Long Island (2008) ( Source : newportortho )

Gazzaniga relocated back to Orange County after operating in the state of New York. He worked in New York as a team physician for the New York Jets, the head orthopedic surgeon for the New York Islanders, and a professor at Hofstra University.

At the US Open in New York, he also served as the attending orthopedic surgeon. He is currently the Hoag Orthopedic Institute's Division Chief of Sports and the Head Team Physician for the Los Angeles Chargers. He likes spending time with his wife and kids in his free time.

5 Facts On Doctor Treating Justin Herbert

  • Doctor Treating Justin Herbert Was Sued: According to ESPN, Tyrod Taylor, the former starting quarterback for the Chargers, is presently suing Dr. Gazzaniga. The case was served during the 2020–21 NFL season, just before Justin Herbert assumed official leadership. In a lawsuit against Dr. Gazzaniga, Taylor reportedly seeks at least $5 million in damages for malpractice. He received medical attention for an injury at the start of the 2020–21 campaign.
  • The Trial Was Initially Slated To Take Place In November: Both parties agreed to move the trial from its initial November date to June due to the ongoing NFL season. Since the case was brought to Los Angeles County Superior Court in May 2021 for an injury that happened almost exactly two years ago Sunday, the problem has been simmering. As a crew member that treated Herbert on Thursday night after the third-year quarterback suffered his injury and had trouble completing the game, Gazzaniga has remained on the Chargers' training staff. As Herbert recovers from the injury, the NFL Players Association and Herbert's reps will carefully watch the Chargers' treatment of their starting quarterback.
  • Dr. David David Gazzaniga Has Been In Many Locations: Since David has a good amount of experience, he has shifted to serving in many locations, and some of them are Hoag Hospital - Irvine, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian - Newport Beach, Hoag Orthopedic Institute, Hoag Orthopedic Institute Surgery Center - Newport Beach, Newport Orthopedic Institute - Irvine Orthopedics, Newport Orthopedic Institute - Newport Beach Orthopedics
  • David Has Huge Experience In The Medical Feild: A specialist in orthopedic surgery with more than 28 years of expertise, Dr. David Gazzaniga practices in Newport Beach, California. He earned his medical degree from Dartmouth in 1994. He is connected to the Hoag Orthopedic Institute and Hoag Hospital Newport Beach. Both new clients and telemedicine appointments are welcomed at his practice.
  • Tyrod Taylor's 2020 lung puncture was treated by a Chargers doctor who is also attending to Justin Herbert's rib injury: In 2020, tragedy struck the Chargers' starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor when team physician David S. Gazzaniga accidentally punctured a lung while attempting to administer a painkilling injection for a rib injury he sustained the week before against the Bengals. The incident occurred before the Chargers' week two game against the Chiefs. Justin Herbert's immediate success would eventually overshadow the incident's aftermath once he was given the starting job. Still, given that Herbert had recently suffered his rib injury against the Chiefs this past Thursday, it was only a matter before the situation made headlines again. It turns out that Herbert's rehabilitation from a rub cartilage fracture is being overseen by Dr. Gazzaniga, who the Chargers still employ. As if that weren't newsworthy enough, Taylor and his team have also sued Gazzaniga, seeking damages above $5 million, in pending litigation. Taylor claims that he experienced "serious bodily agony resulting in hospitalization, physical treatment, emotional distress, and other previous pain and suffering," according to the lawsuit. Additionally, Taylor claims that by being forced to play backup quarterback for the remainder of the 2020 season due to injury, he was forced to approach a free agency that offseason in a worse position than if he had done so after finishing the season as the starter. In March, Taylor agreed to a $17 million contract with the Giants to serve as Daniel Jones' backup.

Some FAQs

What injury did Justin Herbert have?

Justin Herbert diagnosed with rib cartilage fracture. Dr David Gazzaniga is looking after his surgery and healing process.

What is Herbert's salary?

Herbert, the No. 6 overall choice of the 2020 draft, who is now in Year 3 of a four-year, $26.5 million contract.

Where is Dr David Gazzaniga's office?

Dr David Gazzaniga is a native of New York. He is a medical practitioner for LA Chargers and players.