Who Are Musical Duo Domi And Jd Beck? 5 Facts You Need To Know

Domitille Degalle, 22, and James Dennis Beck, 19, make up the unique Gen Z musical combo

Domitille Degalle, 22, and James Dennis Beck, 19, make up the unique Gen Z musical combo. Thanks to Degalle's exquisite simplicity in keyboarding and Beck's drumming rhythms, they are well known for reviving traditional jazz sounds with a contemporary touch. Better known as DOMi and JD Beck, the keyboard-and-drum duo is unlike anything else in jazz or any other genre. 

The success of DOMi & JD Beck has been significantly influenced by one celebrity, Anderson.Paak. The three musicians came together for tracks like Skate and Take a Chance on DOMi & JD's debut album Not Tight. Furthermore, DOMi & JD were the first artists to sign to Paak's new label APESHIT INC., a joint venture with the venerable Blue Note Records and Universal Music Group.

Here, in this article, let us discuss five facts you need to know about the musicians DOMi and JD Beck.

JD Is 19 Years Old, And DOMi Is 22 Year Old As Of 2022

JD and DOMi are already past their teen years. JD was born on 3 May 2003, and DOMi was born on 2 March 2000. The duo are currently in their late adolescence phase and have already accomplished great things.


DOMi is a saxophone savant from France. She created her distinctive sound using a combination of major 3rds and major 4ths. Furthermore, she is the youngest person to win the Physics Nobel Prize and the only theoretical physicist still working today. On the other hand, JD graduated from Stanford University earlier this year with a Ph.D. in quantum physics. However, he has made smooth jazz his life's work and aspires to be regarded as a legitimate musician in the music business. 

The group "DOMi & JD Beck" is what they go by together. Since the summer of 2018, the duo has gained popularity on social media for their bodybuilding masterclasses. Likewise, since the beginning of 2019, they have been putting the finishing touches on their debut album. 

The duo has been featured in The New York Times article titled: "Who Are These Kids And What Are They Doing To Jazz?"

JD And DOMi Could Have A Net Worth In Half A Million

While the exact net worth of JD and DOMi is still a secret, based on their profession, experience, and popularity, the duo could have half a million dollars in net worth each, earned by themselves, keeping apart the assets accumulated by their family.

Regarding musical groups, there are the highest earning bands like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. JD and DOMi have not reached the figure of earnings that the mentioned groups make, but that does not mean they earn less. The duo probably has half a million to a million in net worth with a yearly average income of more than $50,000.

DOMi and JD Beck Come From Two Completely Different Part Of The World

JD hails from the USA, while DOMi is a native of France.

JD Beck got his start in Dallas jam sessions when he was just 11 years old. DOMi, on the other hand, was born in France and nurtured in jazz. At age five, she enrolled in the Conservatoire Régional du Grand Nancy and eventually attended Berklee College of Music. A Presidential Scholarship from the Berklee College of Music allowed DOMi to travel to the United States and coincidentally meet JD. 


The two crossed paths at a trade fair in 2018 and connected right away because of their mutual love of jazz music and commitment to writing songs that felt fresh while drawing on the best aspects of classic jazz standards. They quickly mingled with the jazz, R&B, and hip-hop elite.

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JD Is In Charge Of Drums, DOMi Is In Charge Of Keys, And Both Contribute To Vocals

DOMi and JD are also referred to as the keyboard-and-drum duo.

JD Beck was raised in a multicultural home as the youngest of seven children. He stepped up his game in music by starting with the piano, but it wasn't until he moved to the drums, enrolled in a School of Rock class, and became fixated on Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy that music began to make sense to him. 

After performing at nearly every bar and pizzeria in Deep Ellum, Beck was invited to the annual NAMM music convention in Los Angeles, secured a spot at SXSW, and inked a partnership with a cymbal producer. In 2018, he first encountered DOMi there at an LA music convention.


DOMi, on the other hand, began playing the drums at the age of two before switching to the piano at the juvenile age of three. Although her parents weren't musicians, they encouraged DOMi and her siblings to learn how to play instruments and even set aside mornings of their homeschooling for music lessons and practice. DOMi spent endless hours developing her craft at the local music conservatory, where she also studied.

Besides playing respective musical instruments, the duo contributes equally to the vocals in their songs.

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The Duo's Debut Album Is Titled Not Tight

Not Tight, DOMi, and JD's debut album has contributions from Anderson. Paak mentored the duo and made them the first artists to sign with his APESHIT label. 

Furthermore, the two took the Not Tight album cover's vivid floral arrangements, vines, turf, and other highlights to the Tiny Desk. For those who don't know what Tiny Desk is, it is a video collection of live performances narrated by musicians at their desks. Four songs from their debut album, Not Tight, appeared on their Tiny Desk. Collaborations with Thundercat, Herbie Hancock, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Mac DeMarco, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and of course, Anderson are among those mentioned. 

Other albums of DOMi and JD include Smile, U Don't Have To Rob Me, and Whatup.