Eddie Munson Should Have Been “Gay” In Stranger Things – Dustin Would Have Loved It

Eddie Munson is one of the lead characters in Stranger Thing’s fourth season. He is introduced as the leader of the Hellfire Club, the official D&D club of Hawkins High School, and an electric guitar player in his band Corroded Coffin.

Some fans are confused about Eddie’s sexuality as he had a moment with another lead character, Dustin, from the series where viewers can see a bond between the two characters that expressed their love for each other.

This Is Why Eddie Munson Should Have Been “Gay” In Stranger Things 

After the breathtaking season finale of Stranger Things 4, fans discuss various series moments on social media platforms. The fourth installment saw the entry of one of the series lead characters, Eddie Munson.


Most fans believe that the character arc of Eddie Munson could be even better if he were introduced in the series as a gay character. Eddie had an emotional moment with another character, Dustin Henderson, in the final episode of the series. 

Dustin And Eddie Munson Rare Moment Made Social Media Frenzy

They were supposed to be on a mission together, but Dustin steps back from the mission amid the risks that could result in horrifying consequences during its accomplishment.

However, Eddie won’t return and tries to save his friends but gets injured after being attacked by bats. Both characters get emotional and express their love for each other as brothers. 

Some fans believe that scene could have been even better if Eddie was a gay character as he could express his love to Dustin beyond boundaries.

Eddie Munson Sexuality Details

Eddie is introduced in the series as a rugged character who likes to do such kinds of stuff that contradicts the possibility of him being gay. He was a blatantly rebellious metalhead. People who didn’t understand him disliked him, but those who did loved him.

Eddie loved playing Dungeons & Dragons with his mates. He served as the Hellfire Club’s leader.

A much stronger hint about his sexuality was present in the initial episodes of volume 1 of the series as he was seen loving the company of a female character called Chrissy. He seemed attracted to her, which backs his sexuality as straight.

Eddie Munson’s Necklace’s Meaning And Death Explained

After Eddie dies in the last episode of the season, Dustin gives a guitar pick necklace to Eddie’s uncle, who is injured. Fans have dug up the various facts about the chain to uncover its actual meaning.

Eddie Munson uses an electric guitar from the Warlock NJ Series in the series. N.J. stands for Nagoya, Japan, where the brand’s initial guitar production occurred during the 1970s and 1980s, and B.C. Rich is the company that makes Warlock guitars.

After performing at the most intriguing metal concert, Eddie Munson was consumed alive by Vecna’s hell bats. According to the series makers, this was the last time we saw Eddie in action, and he won’t be returning to the other part of the series in the future.

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