Who Is Fox News Host Emily Compagno Husband Peter Riley? Married Life And Kids Details

Emily Compagno's husband Peter Riley is a real estate agent

Fox News Host Emily Compagno married her husband, Peter Riley, in 2017. Peter is one of the top 2% of real estate agents employed by Berkshire Hathaway in the country. 

Emily is a former cheerleader for the National Football League (NFL) and an American attorney who currently contributes to Fox News Channel (FNC).

Additionally, Rose co-hosts the daytime news discussion show Outnumbered and frequently guest stars on Gutfeld in the evening.

Emily received a B.A. in political science from the University of Washington, where she also received the Cadet of the Quarter Award from the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps.

In 2006, she received a J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Fox News: Who Is Emily Compagno Husband Peter Riley?

Peter Riley is the husband of Fox News host Emily Compagno. Peter Riley works as a real estate agent in the American city of Vancouver, Washington.

 Emily Compagno and her husband Peter Riley
Emily Compagno and her husband Peter Riley( Source : techradar247 )

He is a real estate agent for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices NW Real Estate. Peter has been a broker since 2009. He was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1979. The real estate agent is a United States citizen and of white ethnicity.

Peter graduated from Portland State University with a bachelor's degree in data analysis, computer applications, and geology. After quitting his work as a data analyst, he applied for a real estate license in 2009.

Peter joined Real Estate Broker Company Prudential NW Properties in 2009 after becoming a realtor. He was listed among the top 5% of realtors in the Clark County region in 2011.

In the mid of the 2010s, Emily and Peter exchanged vows in a little ceremony, and they have been together ever since.

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Emily Compagno And Peter Riley Children

Emily Compagno and Peter Riley have no children yet. They both appear to be dedicated to their careers.

According to Compagno's Instagram, she owns a dog named Duchess. She routinely talks about her outings and hikes with the Duchess, which included visits to her family's winery.

Before joining the Raiderettes, the Oakland Raiders cheerleading squad, Emily was a criminal defense lawyer in the San Francisco area.

She quickly rose to the position of team captain and was one of the four NFL cheerleaders. Later, from 2010 and 2014, she was employed by the Social Security Administration as a general counsel.

Emily Compagno Net Worth

Emily Compagno has a net worth of $5 million, according to Caknowlegde.

Emily made over $1 million yearly as a contributor and co-host on Fox News. Compagno has a set salary and is qualified for a $300,000 bonus in addition to that.

She practiced criminal defense law in San Francisco after passing the California bar exam and was captain of the Raiderettes, the cheerleaders for the Oakland Raiders. 

Emily was one of five NFL cheerleaders the USO chose to visit American troops stationed in Iraq and Kuwait. She was selected by the NFL as an ambassador, and she promoted the NFL brand in Beijing and Shanghai.

On the other hand, Emily's husband Peter has a net worth of $8 million and a salary of $150,000 from the real estate, according to Cbgist.

He was also listed as one of the top 10 agents in the Southwest Washington area.

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