Gigi Bryant Autopsy Sketch Reddit, This Is Why Kobe Crash Photos Lawsuit Is Important

Kobe Bryant with his daughter. Gigi Bryant

Gigi Bryant's autopsy sketch is circulating on Reddit amid the ongoing photo trial hearing. What is the lawsuit about?

The trial hearing regarding Kobe Bryant's crash photos started yesterday. And the basketball player's widow, Vanessa Bryant, broke into tears during the opening statements. She put forward the civil suit as she believed that deputies took photos of Kobe's corpse and showed them to people just two days after the accident. 

As a result, Vanessa Bryant sued them in civil court for invading privacy that had just begun. During the trial, many things regarding the NBA star will come up, one of those. being his and his daughter's autopsy report. 

Gigi Bryant Autopsy Sketch Reddit: What Does It Say?

Gigi Bryant and other helicopter passengers were reported dead in an accident. 

However, a sketch of the autopsy report is circulating on Twitter and Reddit. Fans are shocked with the report as they cannot fathom the way Bryants and the others died in the accident. 

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner reported that Bryant and others died from blunt force trauma and ruled their manner of death as an accident. The helicopter crashed in Calabasas, California January 26, 2020.

Moreover, the full autopsy report describes the brutality of the crash through the injuries it caused, including dismemberment and burns that left several of its victims unrecognizable. However, those killed in the crash were not left to suffer. 

Here, the autopsy sketch is very important to the case because it will help the jury to relate to the photos that were allegedly shared. After all, invading the deceased's privacy is, if not legal, a social crime. 


Kobe Bryant Crash Photos Trail: Everything To Know

Bryant's widow, Vanessa Bryant sued the on-duty deputies and firefighters for taking photos of her deceased husband. 

Bryant’s federal invasion-of-privacy-suit trial launched Wednesday in federal court more than two years after the NBA Hall of Famer was killed. Along with him, the couple’s 13-year-old daughter and seven others met the same fate in a January 2020 helicopter crash in Calabasas.

Reportedly, She is seeking several millions in damages in her suit against Los Angeles County over graphic photos of the accident that were clicked by the first responders. 

After completing the jury selection, the trial began on Wednesday. It is expected to go on for several days. We will update you with details along the way.