Does Radio Host Jim Ladd Have Any Illness? Disc Jockey Healt In 2022

Jim Ladd is a reputable American Disc Jokey aka DJ who also happened to work as a radio host for many commercial radios in the United States.

At the little rock station KNAC in Long Beach, Ladd started his career in 1969. He transferred to Los Angeles radio KLOS after spending two years there.

He initially rose to stardom on a national scale as the host of the hour-long, nationally syndicated radio show Innerview, which ran for twelve years on more than 160 stations. And his list of interviewees is iconic. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, Nash & Young; it teems with legendary music themes.

Does Jim Ladd Have Any Health Problems? Radio DJ Illness Update 2022

The iconic free-form rock DJ, Jim Ladd, reportedly shows no health problems or illness. He seems to be all fit and fine. 

His recent social media update was on August 23, when he uploaded a tweet by saying he is grateful for all his fans and friends who listened to and supported his music. “MUSIC is my Life.”

The tweet also may have hinted at his retirement from music and DJ. Reading the comments, it appeared like the radio host had given up. Jim is 74 years old and has been employed for a very long time.

Due to a sudden drop in his public appearance and greater inactivity than ever before, his followers began to wonder about his health. They believed that Ladd was experiencing some health issues due to his advanced age. But it turns out he is neither unwell nor afflicted with any ailment.

Jim ladd Illness does not have any illness and he is all good
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Even though Ladd’s age may have been a contributing factor in his prospective retirement, there is no indication of his having a medical condition. The radio presenter will make a brief announcement if he is retiring shortly.

The most recent interactions between Ladd and his listeners, or “The Tribe,” have occurred on his MySpace and Facebook profiles. He frequently takes suggestions in the comments and has utilized the website to get to know his fans and promote free-form radio.

Jim Ladd Personal Life In A Nutshell, Wife And Children Details

According to his Wikipedia page, Ladd has a marital relationship with his wife, Helene Hodge Ladd. Unfortunately, the couple could not rear any children.

Speaking of his spouse Helene, she is a multi-talented woman. She is a writer, poet, musician, actress, and voice-over artist. In addition, Mrs. Ladd is also a professional Motorcycle Rider and Horsewoman working for Harley Davidson.

Helene performs as a voice actress for cartoons and video games. Furthermore, She is a proficient user of weapons, adept in working with horses and animals, a professional events management coordinator, and a talented PA. She sings in rock, blues, and musical theater.

Her recent poem, “Finding Our Way,” went well among her listeners. In addition, she also helps her husband, Jim, with his show. Helene is genuinely a one-person army.

Jim Ladd wife is Helene Hodge Ladd
Source : twitter

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Did Jim Ladd Left Sirius XM?

Recent updates from Jim Ladd indicate that he does not appear to be departing Sirius XM. The radio host has not said on his social media pages that he plans to leave.

His Twitter bio still has “SiriusXM Deep Tracks Ch 27”, so the rumors of him leaving Sirius XM are not genuine. Ladd was asking people to see the performance on Twitter. He still identifies Sirius XM as his place of employment on his Twitter bio, where he also gives the timings of his shows.

Since joining Sirius XM 11 years ago, Jim has made an impression on listeners. Listeners of SiriusXM Satellite Radio may hear Ladd’s innovative brand of free-form rock.

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