Who Is Karl Jacobs Dating In 2022? Does He Have A Kid? All Facts

Fans are curious to know who the Youtuber Karl Jacobs’s girlfriend is and if he is currently dating anyone as he is one of the attractive members of MrBeast’s youtube channel. 

Jacobs is a 23 years old Youtuber, twitch streamer, and social media sensation born in North Carolina, USA, on the 19th of July 1998. Furthermore, Karl did his schooling at Fort Dorchester High School and attended Portland Community College, studying multimedia.

Youtuber Karl Jacobs Girlfriend Name 2022

Karl Jacobs seems single as he has not introduced his girlfriend to the media; the YouTuber has not shared any picture of his sweetheart on his social networking sites.

As per one of the tweets he made, Jacobs has described himself as being on an asexual spectrum, but he is not entirely asexual. It appears no one can beat his love for gaming; he might instead choose PS5 over going out on dates, spending time, and making memories with a lover.

However, he doesn’t belong to the LGBTQ+ community and hasn’t shared being a homosexual; furthermore, he has chosen the pronoun he/him on his Instagram. Yet, Karl’s feelings might change in the future, and he might let someone in his life with whom he will spend eternity.

Does Karl Jacobs Have Kids?

No, Jacobs does not have his kids, but he is a godfather to an adorable boy, and he has shared the picture of the toddler on his social media; the little boy’s name is Tucker.

However, the YouTuber hasn’t revealed who the baby momma is; he hasn’t disclosed the identity of the woman who gave life to Tucker, but he adores the baby boy and often spends time with him.

Although he is only 23, sometimes childish, and often overreacts when he doesn’t get things his way, he seems to take good care of the little guy. Moreover, Karl is also a fan of cartoons, including Phineas and Ferb, Chowder, and Teen Titans Go, and the duo might watch them together.

Karl Jacobs Net Worth: How Much Does The Content Creator Make?

Jacobs’s net worth is estimated to be $100,000 to $500,000 or at least a million dollars for being a Youtuber, content creator, and social media influencer. He is also a twitch streamer and social media sensation with millions of followers.

The YouTuber is a star on MrBeast’s Youtube channel; he previously worked with MrBeast’s older brother CJ “MrBro” Donaldson in 2019 and later became the cameraman for Jimmy Donaldson. Later, when Jake The Viking left, he began serving as an onscreen member.


Furthermore, he has 3.64 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, where he uploads highlights of playing Minecraft. Likewise, he has 11 million followers on TikTok, 4 million on Instagram, and 3.4 million on Twitch.

Thus, Karl might make a decent amount of money, and he also works with one of the famous personalities who often gives away millions of dollars to strangers. Moreover, he has also started his clothing line, including hoodies, sweetheart, t-shirts, and gift cards.

Meet Karl Jacobs Siblings On Instagram

Jacobs has shared a few pictures of his siblings on his social networking sites; he has a sister named Corry Berland and a brother named Sean/Jimmy Jacobs. 

Corry is available on Instagram under the handle @corrygirley, and she has accumulated 10.1k followers on her account. Moreover, she is into the arts and has shared her masterpiece on social media.


However, the Youtuber hasn’t shared the details about his family members and hasn’t introduced his parents to his admirers and well-wishers; furthermore, they might not be his only siblings.

Hopefully, Karl will share more posts of his loved ones on his Instagram; he goes by the username @karljacobs and has accumulated 4 million followers while sharing 11 posts. 

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