Boxer: Meiirim Nursultanov Wikipedia Bio Age Height & Ethnicity

Learn fascinating facts about Meiirim Nursultanov, a well-known fighter, and also find his Wikipedia details below in this post.

Meiirim Nursultanov did everything in his power to promote his country with unbeatable boxing talents. His irrepressible spirit drives him to make every attempt to celebrate the victory fairly.

The perfect player employs the proper strategy to lead the matches without partiality or nepotism. His style of playing and contending with the opponent astounded the spectators. Boxing is held in high regard by professional players.

The brilliant player has a clear perspective and rejects rash actions. His competitive nature never allows him to finish the competition at the halfway mark since he understands that the finale should always bring happy memories and an uninhibited smile to the face.

Wikipedia: Who Is Meiirim Nursultanov?

Meiirim Nursulatnov is an Oxnard, California-based professional boxer. After five consecutive triumphs, the tenacious athlete finished fifth in the WSB Middleweight standings, and he added the sixth victory with an outstanding semi-finals triumph.


He rose to prominence as a result of his undefeated boxing record. He is a golden doorway for the younger generation, opening the way for them to reach their goals. He serves as a positive role model for aspiring young fighters.

The youthful and vivacious fighter understands that his distinct style of competition is his strong suit. He is engrossed in boxing rather than obsessed with it, which makes him a more professional athlete capable of handling his devotion flawlessly.

Meiirim Nursultanov Age In 2022

Meiirim is a twenty-eight-year-old athlete who was born on July 29, 1993. He is 6 feet tall. He plays in a traditional manner.

At the age of thirteen, he began his professional boxing career. His superb defense and deft talents make it difficult for opponents to defeat him.

He is a professional boxer with exceptional leadership abilities who can handle tumultuous situations.


His coworkers praised him for his pleasant demeanor and forbearance. All of the excellent feedback from the locals is well-deserved.

He has properly preserved his status quo and has never engaged in unlawful actions that might jeopardize his image.

About Meiirim Nursultanov Ethnicity

Meiirim Nursultanov is a Kazakh citizen but his ethnicity details aren’t available online. Although he was born in Merki, Kazakhstan, he represents California. 

He is the pride of the country and his fans will always back him. The youthful boxer is causing enormous changes in the sport.

Nursultanov has more than 20.6k followers on Instagram with the handle @meiirim n. He uploads his victory in the bouts so that his fans may share in his joy.

He is an amazing fighter due to his exceptional talents and unbeatable playing pattern. Every boxing enthusiast should pay attention to the stalwart boxer.

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