5 Family Facts About Montez Sweat Who Was Raised By His Grandparents

Montez Sweat was raised by his grandparents, Charles and Deborah Sweat. Montez Sweat had one brother Anthony and a sister, Yvette.

The defensive tight end of Washington Commanders grew up in Georgia with his grandparents, whom he calls his biggest motivators. And for him, they are equivalent to his mother, whom he tragically lost last year in 2021.

The 2021 season for Sweat was full of off-field tragedy, with his mother passing earlier and losing his brother at the end of the year.

But 2022 has been kind to the player. His first child arrived in July, and he is enjoying a phenomenal season with the Commanders. And undoubtedly, his grandparents are enjoying seeing their only grandson play the best season of his career.

5 Family Facts About Montez Sweat

Montez Sweat takes to the field before the game against Tennessee Titans on October 9, 2022
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1. Montez Sweat Grandparents, Charles And Deborah Sweat Raised Him

Charles and Deborah Sweat, the grandparents of Montez Sweat, raised him in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The defensive end has previously stated he owes his career to them.

In an interview with ESPN, Montez said that his grandparents didn’t need to take the burden of raising him and his two siblings, but without any hesitation, they took care of all three of their grandkids whilst their parents remained absent.

Montez Sweat graduates from Stephenson in 2018 with his grandparents Charles and Deborah Sweat by his side
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The tight end’s grandparents were also the ones to make him interested in R&B music. The trio would together listen to R&B artists like Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass.

The motivations of Montez Sweat, the Washington Commanders player, had their photo as his Twitter cover.

2. Montez Sweat Has A Younger Sister

The tight end of Washington Commanders, Montez Sweat, has a younger sister in Yvette. The two siblings have gone through the highs and lows of their life together.

In early 2021, Yvette and Montez lost their mother, and within a few months, they also lost their older brother. Earlier this year, Montez posted a sweet photo of him with his sister on his Instagram handle.

Montez Sweat pictured with his younger sister Yvette and her daughter
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Sweat shared a thread of photos of him and his sister, including many throwback photos He captioned the post, “Happy Born Day to my beautiful Big Lil sister. You’ve been with me every step of the way. I love you forever.”

And on the comment section, Yvetta replied to her brother, saying that she is proud of him and his accomplishments. She joked that the pictures that he could’ve been better but also reassured him that she would always be by his side.

Yvette does have an Instagram handle, but it is currently private. From her Instagram bio, it appears that she has a daughter and supports a small restaurant business, 323 cuisines.

3. Montez Sweat Brother, Anthony Sweat Passed Away In 2021

Anthony Sweat, the brother of Montez Sweat, passed away in 2021. Anthony was shot and killed at the age of 27 in Henrico.

Though some people stayed to aid Anthony after the shooting, it was too late. In the police investigations, it was later found that Anthony was part of previous trafficking charges which led Anthony to be killed. 

Montez Sweat shared a throwback photo of him and his brother Anthony as a tribute post in 2021 after his demise
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In a report from Washington Post earlier this year, Shon Bloomfield of Chesterfield was identified as the killer. Montez had taken a few weeks off from his practice session and was ruled from the game against the Giants during that time.

After his brother’s demise, Montez took to Instagram to share a tribute post for his brother. He shared a childhood photo of him and his brother and captioned the post, “I Love You Forever Bro. Your Heart, Mind, And Soul Will Always Be With Me.”

4. Montez Sweat Has A Son Shiloh Sweat

Earlier this year, Montez Sweat became a father as his partner gave birth to their son Shiloh Sweat. The defensive end became a parent on July 17, 2022.

Montez shared the news on his Instagram handle with a thread of photos of his son sleeping in a basket. The adorable pictures were met with several congratulatory comments.

Montez Sweat shared the photo of his son Shiloh Sweat on his Instagram handle and Twitter handle
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In August, the Washington Commanders player was seen taking his son with him to the Commanders’ practice session before the season’s start. 

And though Montez has already shared the pictures of his baby boy, he has yet to reveal his partner’s name.

5. Montez Sweat Starred In Old Spice Commercial

Montez Sweat starred in Old Spice commercials in his rookie season. The tight end had some bizarre commercials airing at the time, which many viewers in tears.

In one of the videos, he is seen assuring the audience that it’s only his last name that is Sweat, and he is not a sweaty person at all. And in another one, Montez is seen being propelled into the air with the Old Spice spray.

Montez Sweat and Old Spice teamed up for several ad commercials in 2019 poking fun at the defensive end's last name
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As a joke, Old Spice and Montez made up a fake newspaper ad with the photo of Montez with the caption that read, “Old Spice, Sweat is just my last name.”

The fans certainly loved the commercials at the time. Dwayne Hasking Jr, his former teammate who passed away earlier this year, also seemed to have enjoyed the video at the time, retweeting it with laughing emojis.

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