Who Is NBC Producer Tom Bernthal Ex Wife? Reasons For Divorce With First Wife And Wedding With Sheryl Sandberg

NBC Producer Tom Bernthal is legally married to American business executive and billionaire Sheryl Sandberg. People are curious to learn more about Tom Bernthal’s ex-wife, even though he was previously married.

The news of Tom and Sheryl Sandberg’s marriage is widely circulated online, and discussion of the subject is active.

Bernthal is now the CEO of American Marketing. He had worked as a producer for NBC News. During the Bill Clinton administration, he started his career as a communications assistant at the White House.

Who Is Tom Bernthal Ex Wife?

Tom Bernthal’s first wife is Leah Bernthal. Bernthal and his first wife had three children together before getting divorced.

Unfortunately, the CEO hasn’t given any details about his first marriage. They stayed together for a long period of time before getting divorced.

Tom Bernthal recently married Sheryl Sandberg
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Tom Bernthal tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Sheryl Sandberg. Bernthal proposed to her by getting down on one knee. Since then, the two have remained inseparable while on a mountain trip with Sheryl.

Dave Goldberg, Sheryl’s husband and the CEO of SurveyMonkey, died in a tragic accident in Mexico in 2015.

Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal announced the start of a bright future together by posting photos from their wedding on Instagram.

Many of their admirers have congratulated and commented to the newly married couple.

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Tom Bernthal And Sheryl Sandberg Has Children

Tom Bernthal and Sheryl Sandberg both have children from a previous marriage. Tom had three children from his first marriage. On the other hand, Sandberg had two children with the late Mr. Goldberg.

Tom and Sheryl has kept her children identity hidden
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All five of the children also attended the wedding, according to People Magazine. Unfortunately, there are few details available regarding the five kids. Their identity is also kept a secret by the media.

According to Sandberg, the CEO and she had been discussing getting married since February 2020.

The age gap between the couple is just two years. Sheryl publicly announced her marriage to Tom Bernthal to her fans. The affection between Tom and Sheryl appears to be genuine. 

Tom Bernthal And Sheryl Sandberg Wedding Photo

Tom recently wed Sheryl Sandberg, his lifelong girlfriend. Bernthal is 50 years old, whereas Sandberg is 52 years old.

Tom and Sheryl shared their wedding pictures on their Instagram account
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The couple, who met on a ranch and were engaged there, incorporated several Western elements into the ceremony, including the groom’s cowboy boots and jeans outfit.

They got married in Wyoming, in the United States. Sandberg had written about loss and finding love again with Bernthal after losing her first husband, Dave Goldberg, in 2015.

Bernthal also purchased a ring in 2020 with five concealed diamonds to represent their five children when they got engaged.

Tom Bernthal Net Worth 2022

Tom Bernthal has a net worth of $1.8 million, according to Joebidenbio.

As a news producer and CEO, he has had a fruitful career. Bernthal has amassed a vast fortune from his profession as a news producer and marketing CEO.

The former producer has not given the media his yearly income. However, the average yearly salary for a producer in America is $69935.

The CEO has also been working hard on several of his business endeavors. Tom began his professional life when Bill Clinton was in charge of the White House Communications Office.

Later, he moved to NBC, where he started a job as a news producer. During his six years at NBC, Bernthal created content for the Today Show, Nightly News, Dateline, MSNBC, and CNBC.

Bernthal received three Emmy Awards in recognition of his efforts. In 2002, the former producer also launched his marketing and counseling business. He has since participated in other business ventures.

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