What Happened To Krista Bullock? Drummer Was Hospitalized After An Illness

What Happened to Krista Bullock? She got hospitalized in February 2022 due to a lungs illness. Get to know more about the drummer in this short post.

Krista Bullock is a singer and songwriter from the United States. Bullock is the drummer at the music band ‘Eleventh Hour.’

She is widely known for her singles like Angel Island and Twenty 13. The artist posts her music on digital platforms like Spotify and Youtube.

Krista orchestrates powerful rock melodies and rock and roll anthems. Furthermore, she is a motivational and public speaker too.

Krista Bullock Illness: Is She Hospitalized?

Krista Bullock was suffering from a lungs illness. She got hospitalized on February 24, 2022.

She went to the ER for a pulled muscle, but her X-ray revealed something severe. Her right lung was completely damaged.

Immediately after the diagnosis, she underwent surgery. Krista was transferred to UAB Birmingham for a week.

The musician shared that she was praying to God day and night. She got discharged from the hospital on March 14, and her lungs are fine now.

Krista Bullock Wikipedia Biography

Krista Bullock does not have a biography on Wikipedia. Bullock is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, artist, and speaker.

Her full name is Krista Jordan Bullock, and she belongs to American nationality.

Young Krista was passionate about music and aspired to become a singer. She picked up the guitar for the first time at six. 

The singer started her career in her early 20s and established herself as a well-known drummer. Krista has hosted several concerts and live shows with her band.

Krista Bullock Age: How Old Is She?

Krista Bullock is 29 years of age.

She was born on August 24, 1992, in Alabama, and her hometown is Birmingham.

Bullock is the daughter of two Pastors. She spent her childhood with her parents Prophet Robin D. Bullock and Pastor Robin R. Bullock.

Moreover, she has a younger brother, John Bullock. The songwriter is presently the drummer of the Church International program Eleventh Hour.

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Krista Bullock Husband: Is She Married?

Krista Bullock has not provided any details about her husband and relationship.

There are no reports about her marriage, and we speculate she may be single at the moment.

We searched through her social media handles to get insights about her love life but could not find anything.

Bullock is available on social media platforms. She has 10k total followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @christajbullock.

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