Jan 6 Hearing: Who Is Alex Wollet? Clark Kent Look Alike, 23 Year Medical Student Details

Alex Wollet is the new viral personality on the internet as he is referred to as the look-alike of Clark Kent after his appearance at the Jan 6 committee’s hearing on Friday.

He is referred to as the new hottie in the town, the secret identity of the fictional character Superman. He sits behind, being quiet and calm, observing the activities that happen in the courtroom.

Who Is Alex Wollet?

TMZ reported that Wollet is a 23-year-old medical student from Youngstown, Ohio. He only has three posts on his private Instagram page. According to his Instagram bio, he is said to reside in DC, Columbus, and Youngstown. He is a student at the National Institutes of Health. He is working on a university initiative to bring Columbus, Ohio, into compliance with the Clean Air Act’s regulations.


After the entire internet stormed toward his social media accounts after finding his real identity, she decided to either privatize or delete those accounts. He is a tall, young guy with an excellent physique who is being loved by netizens across several social media platforms.

His calm and confident behavior in formal dress makes him the look-alike of Clark Kent. He was so perfect that he could win the first prize if he had participated in the Clark Kent cosplay competition.

Clark Kent Look Alike – Jan 6 Hearing

At the Thursday, Jul 21, 2022, Jan 6 House Select Committee hearing, he was seated behind witnesses Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews. When Wollet was spotted on prime-time television, people on Twitter noticed him and inquired about his identity and marital status.


Twitter users are completely after him, asking various questions about his personal and professional life. However, he seems to be a guy who avoids media attention as he has already made his Instagram private and has deleted his Linkedin profile. 

Alex Wollet Education And Parents

There is not much information available about Alex on the internet. He is a student of The National Institutes of Health in Washington DC. Yashar Ali, one of the writers of The New York magazine, mentioned that he knew who the guy was, and he wouldn’t say about his identity to the people but could assure them that he wasn’t single.

He is a highly private person who has vanished from the internet for fear of being exposed to the public. He was even trending on Twitter under the entertainment section. His parents are also unknown to us as there is no proper information about them on the internet.

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