Who Is Saxophonist Avery Dixon On America’s Got Talent? Terry Crews Gave Him The Golden Buzzer

The stage of America’s Got Talent’s season 17 was filled with wonder when Terry Crews pressed the Golden Buzzer for the saxophonist, Avery Dixon. The soulful performance presented by the 21-year-old saxophonist has left the crowd in tears. 

Avery Dixon, a 21-year-old saxophonist from Atlanta, Georgia, was signed up by his mom for the auditions of America’s Got Talent.

Dixon has revealed that he wasn’t ready for it thinking he was not good enough and had no choice when his mother insisted on signing him up for the auditions. 

The young saxophonist has been able to capture the heart of millions of people who watched him play on the stage of America’s Got Talent’s Episode 1 of the 17th season.

With his saxophone, Avery feels that he is telling a story and painting a musical picture every time he plays.

Who is America’s Got Talent “Golden Buzzer” Avery Dixon? 

On the set of AGT, Avery Dixon, the 21-year-old saxophonist, has shared the story of his saxophone journey.

He has revealed that he first picked saxophone when he was being bullied at his elementary school for having an unusual voice and appearance.

He was born weighing 1lb and 8oz. He has a condition that causes his voice to be pitchy and airy because his vocal cords do not close completely, and he was ridiculed for it by the children at his elementary school.

He developed a passion for saxophone at a very young age. Avery has been performing since 2009 and has come a long way as an up-and-coming performer.

Maxwell Davis, Avery’s Great Grandfather, is his greatest inspiration.

As a graduate of DeKalb Medical’s NICU program, Avery founded GraceNotes & Totes two years ago.

His ambition is to help NICU infants at the same hospital where he was born.

Meet Avery Dixon on Instagram

Avery Dixon is active on the social media platform Instagram under the username @averydixononsax, where he shares pictures and videos of his musical endeavors.

He has 3,609 followers on his Instagram.

He mostly shares his saxophone covers on Instagram and has been able to reach a wider audience through the platform.

After receiving the golden buzzer on the show, his musical career is sure to flourish. 

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Who are Avery Dixon’s Parents?

Avery Dixon was on the stage of America’s Got Talent with his mother Lisa, who insisted he sign up for the show’s audition.

She is Avery’s greatest motivation and has pushed him beyond the limit to prove that her son is worth it.

There isn’t much background information about his family yet.

It is known that his great grandfather Maxwell Davis was an R&B saxophonist, who worked with BB King, Etta James, ZZ Hill, and many others

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What is Avery Dixon’s Ethnicity & Nationality?

Avery Dixon is an American by nationality. He is from Atlanta, Georgia. 

There are no mentions of his ethnicity, but based on his appearance, he is a member of the Black American community.

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