Who Is Shannon Smith On TikTok? What To Know About The Social Media Sensation

Shannon Smith is well-known for discussing social and political issues on TikTok. She published TikTok content on topics including religion, the general election, voting rights, the right to an abortion, and also sex education.

Shannon is @shannonsmith3239 on TikTok. While her content is supported by many, there are remaining who contradict her thoughts and opinions. Nevertheless, Shannon keeps posting educational and informative creations and keeps her 239.2 thousand followers engaged.

Who Is Shannon Smith On TikTok?

Shannon Smith goes by the username @shannonsmith3239  on TikTok. She is a nurse by profession, but on TikTok, the matters she raises voice and awareness on lies beyond medicine and science.

Her videos on TikTok usually range from two to three minutes, where she picks up specific social and burning issues and gives her thoughts on them. Shannon typically chooses a topic to speak on according to what comes in her comment section, contentious videos she finds online, prevalent hot button issues, comprehensive sexuality education, and vaccination, which at many times have political linkages. 

Considering the domains of the topic Shannon voices out for through her TikTok account, it is fair that people would assume she belongs to the educational side of TikTok. However, she as well posts entertaining creations.

Shannon’s most viewed video is the one where she talks about internalized misogyny. It has garnered above 500 thousand views. “Republican Women,” she starts the video with a humorous tune.

@shannonsmith3239 #stitch with @blameyourbrother #misogyny #internalizedmisogyny #tuckercarlson #shitbag #vile #sexist #disgusting #foxtv #republicanwomen #yallneedhelp ♬ original sound – Shannon Smith

Shannon Smith Is On Instagram as @shannonlee25

Shannon Smith is on Instagram with a different username, but the contents she posts on her Instagram account share a common ground with her TikTok account. She has 5256 followers on Instagram.

Shannon’s bio on her Instagram account depicts that she is a mother, a nurse, and a TikToker and is happily taken. She also has promotions of her Snarky Merch embedded in her Instagram bio with a link to the merch store.


Furthermore, Shannon frequently posts about her children on her Instagram account. She has three daughters and a son. Shannon usually reposts her TikToks on her Instagram account. Besides, she usually posts content specifying her inclination to women’s right to bodily autonomy. Her Instagram and TikTok posts also portray that she does not want religion to come into politics and decide on someone’s right to body and freedom.

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Shannon Smith Is Not Active On Reddit

Shannon Smith doesn’t seem to be active on Reddit. Neither of her videos has formed a discussion thread on the platform.

With Shannon’s videos, Reddit could have been considered a potential platform for engaging and sometimes aggressive discussions. However, we could not find any such threads on Reddit. With the contents she posts, she even gets frequently banned from TikTok, so she has another TikTok handle ready if things go otherwise. Her backup account is @shannonsmith3239backup.

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