Why Is Dr Viviana Leaving MAFS? Coles Going Out From Reality Show Facts And Reasons

Viviana Coles ( Source : Ukprimenews )

Dr. Viviana Coles is a Houston Relationship Therapy's president and primary psychotherapist.

She also serves as president of the National Sex Therapy Institute, which certifies mental health practitioners in sex therapy. Dr. Coles has degrees in psychology from the undergraduate level and master's and doctoral levels in marriage and family therapy.

People who are visible to the public need special privacy protections. For high-profile members of the public, Dr. Viviana has specific arrangements. To learn more about these services, please get in touch with the front desk immediately.

Why Is Dr. Viviana Leaving MAFS? Reason Behind The Fact

After Lifetime introduced new specialists DeVon Franklin and Dr. Pia Holec, Dr. Viviana Coles announced earlier in June that she would be leaving Married at First Sight.

Fans of Married at First Sight quickly started to ask Coles on social media if she had any plans to return to the season, prompting Coles to post an explanation on Instagram.

Dr Viviana Coles leaving MAFS
Dr Viviana Coles leaving MAFS ( Source : Soapdirt )

She stated on Instagram that she had "always kept busy with significant tasks in both my career and personal life."

"I've chosen to concentrate more of that energy on new, exciting chances to advance my goal of assisting others in forming meaningful connections.

The following season of Married at First Sight won't have me back, but I'm incredibly grateful for the seven seasons of unscripted television I've had with Kinetic Content.

I hope for the best for all incoming participants since I have faith in the MAFS procedure and my coworkers.

Learn More About Dr. Viviana's Biography

Since 2003, Dr. Viviana Coles has concentrated only on helping individuals and couples with problems with their emotional and physical intimacy.

She has established a successful private practice offering sex therapy, relationship therapy, and premarital consulting. In addition, the popular Lifetime television program "Married at First Sight" currently features Dr. Viviana as a marriage specialist.

Dr. Coles enjoys spending time with her family and friends when she's not teaching or shooting. However, she constantly stays up to date with current practices through ongoing study and training to offer the best couples and sex therapy services.

She has almost ten years of experience as a certified sex therapist and couples therapist. She enjoys working with couples daily to help them get through emotionally and physically trying situations.

Although she is qualified to assist with a wide range of issues, concentrating on relational and sexual issues enables her to help her clients quickly and efficiently.

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Who Is Dr. Viviana's Husband?

According to her Instagram, Dr. Viviana Coles married her husband, Bob. In some of the photos she's shared with him on Instagram, she's tagged him a few times.

Although it is private, he does have a personal account. They have two kids together and have been married for almost ten years.

Dr Viviana Coles with her husband
Dr Viviana Coles with her husband ( Source : Distractify )

Although she doesn't share any images of her kids, she has spoken about them in the past. They first connected in high school and have been friends for more than 25 years.

Additionally, we have a strong hunch that Coles is her maiden name. When she became a doctor, she most likely kept it. Therefore, it's unclear whether Bob has Coles's last name or something else.