Why Was Ludwig Swatted On Live Stream? What Happened? Reddit Reacts

Another one of the police swatting victims caught live on stream was YouTuber and streamer Ludwig Ahgren.

Ahgren runs a Youtube channel Ludwig where he streams and reacts to videos and pranks. The channel has a whopping 3.45 million subscribers and is among the most popular youtube channels.

Ludwig, a pen name for Ahgren, is the host of a Youtube podcast titled The Yard. He also disclosed that he would exclusively move his stream from Twitch to YouTube Gaming. Nevertheless, his podcast with the CEO of YouTube bothers him in some way.

Was Ludwig Swatted On Live Stream? What Happened?

YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren, who was swatted live on broadcast on August 28, is the newest streaming celebrity to succumb to the troublesome and unlawful “prank” affecting streamers and online celebrities worldwide.

Earlier this month, on August 8, another Youtuber Darren Watkins Jr aka Ishowspeed, was arrested from his home and was captured live on camera for prank-calling police in his video.

On the other hand, Ludwig runs the podcast The Yard on youtube and is famous for his jokes and pranks. A cutting-edge method of disseminating information about specific events and advancements is through podcasts. They are useful sources for the information collecting in particular. Ludwig was able to sign it.

For those who don’t know, swatting is the unlawful act of calling emergency services on a fictitious basis to attract armed police to a particular area. Famous streamers like Ludwig are frequently targeted because the pranksters find it amusing to see the invasion of streamers’ houses live on the internet.

A video of him getting swatted, which depicts the moment when police officers entered his home while on watch and brandishing their weapons, is making the rounds on social media. However, the video has been removed from the stream.

Reddit Reacts To Ludwig Getting Swatted

After the video of Ludwig swatted by police officers on a live stream went viral, internet people wondered what happened and how cops ended up at his doorstep.

In July, a Twitter argument between Ludwig and Los Pollos centered on whether slots are a worse kind of gambling or promotion for children than the Pokémon card meta Ludwig was participating in.

Police then swatted Los Pollos, and Adin Ross instantly claimed that Ludwig had spread the practice across his neighborhood before swatting Los Pollos. Adin Ross informs his 60,000 viewers that Ludwig was the one who struck Los Pollos. A similar thing could have happened to Ludwig as well.

More recently, Ludwig recommended a documentary on Netflix relating to the documentary “Web of Make Believe,” about a streamer who passed away after being swatted, which he mentioned in his mogul message.

Swat entering Ludwig house after finding out he committed tax evasion
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Youtuber’s Video Goes Viral, Was He Arrested?

Ludwig released a new video immediately after his online swatting video was removed in which he claimed that he and the police were on excellent terms and that no harm had been done.

He said he was in a police car for an hour while the cops checked in at his house. The Youtuber was alive and hoisting a chess tournament before the police walked in. And it is not the first time he has been swatted. It happened to him before.

Ludwig discussed what transpired shortly after in a follow-up webcast. “Am I good?” To the relief of his admirers, he said, “Yeah, I’m good.” His cat clawed him, though, and he started bleeding due to the fright and worry.

Ludwig was not arrested and is completely fine
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Who is Ludwig Girlfriend QTcinderella?

QTcinderella is the online name of YouTuber and streamer Blaire. She is well-known for founding and hosting The Streamer Awards. Besides, she also produces material for Team SoloMid, a prominent esports outfit.

Moreover, QTcinderella, her current boyfriend, and fellow streamer Ludwig Ahgren have regularly created collaboration material since June 2019.

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