Sky News Correspondent Ali Fortescue Family Of Earls And Age – How Old Is She?

Sky News Ali Fortescue, age 31, comes from a family of Earls and Viscounts.  

Her father, Seymour Henry Fortescue, is the son of Denzil Fortescue, 6th Earl Fortescue, and Sybil Mary Hardinge.

Fortescue’s parents, Seymour Henry Fortescue and Jennifer Ann Simon, were joined in marriage under the watchful gaze of the society’s elites in 1990. Her father was previously married to Julia Pilcher.

Since entering Sky News as a Political correspondent in 2018, Ali has become a well-known face on television. Fans are curious about the 31-year-old intellect, from whether she is related to Rosie Fortescue to whether she is married.

Quick Facts On Ali Fortescue

Name Ali Fortescue
Age 31
Birth date July 10, 1991
Father Seymour Henry Fortescue
Mother Jennifer Ann Simon
Sister Marissa Clara Fortescue
Brother James Adrian Fortescue

Ali Fortescue Comes From A Family Of Earls And Viscounts

Sky News Ali Fortescue comes from a wealthy family with a family tree that points to a generation of proud Earls and Viscounts.

Her father, Seymour Henry Fortescue, although not an Earl himself, is the son of one. Ali’s paternal grandfather was Denzil Fortescue, 6th Earl Fortescue.


Her great grandparents on her father’s side were Viscount and Earl: Henry Hardinge, 3rd Viscount Hardinge of Lahore, and Hugh Fortescue, 4th Earl Fortescue.

Going one step deeper into the family tree, her great-great-grandfather was Charles Hardinge, 2nd Viscount Hardinge.
She has two half-siblings, sister Marissa Clara Fortescue, and brother James Adrian Fortescue. 

Ali Fortescue Wikipedia And Biography

Despite being a Political correspondent on Sky News since September 2018, Ali Fortescue is not listed on Wikipedia.

As a Political correspondent, she is in charge of a wide range of public and international reports. She was the first reporter to spot a passenger boat crossing the English Channel.

Fortescue is preoccupied with her professional life and has only given a cursory glance at her personal life on her online entertainment.

Ali Fortescue has been involved in the news industry since around 2011. Fortescue collected her BA degree from the University of Oxford in 2012.

Before working at Sky News, she worked for eight years at BBC News. She entered as a Journalism Trainee in September 2014 before being promoted to a reporter a year later.

Her first job was at the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, as an Antiquities Intern, in 2011. Aside from that, Fortescue has worked as a Freelance Journalist, video intern, news intern, New Markets intern, Culture intern, and Business Development Stagiere.

Ali Fortescue Age – How Old Is She?

Born on July 10, 1991, Sky News Correspondent Ali Fortescue is 31 years old.

Fortescue’s height is average, and she is estimated to be 5 feet 6 inches. Her parents named her Alexandra Kate Fortescue at birth. She later changed it to Ali.

The news journalist is based in Westminster as of March 24, 2022. The lovely columnist has received numerous awards, including an O2 grant for revealing mistreatment at a Margate care home.

Ali Fortescue Parents

Ali Fortescue was born to parents Seymour Henry Fortescue and Jennifer Ann Simon.

Her birthdate is July 10, 1991.

She is the only child of her mother. However, her father has two kids from his previous marriage to Julia Pilcher.

Her parents married on August 23, 1990. Two months later, her mother was pregnant.

Ali’s mother, Jennifer Ann Simon, is the daughter of Frank Simon. She has been blissfully married to her husband for the past 32 years.

Ali Fortescue Father Is The Son Of An Earl

Ali Fortescue father, Seymour Henry Fortescue, is the son of an Earl. He was born to parents, Denzil Fortescue, 6th Earl Fortescue, and Sybil Mary Hardinge, on  May 28, 1942.

Ali’s father is 80 years old.

He was 48 years old when he remarried in 1990 to wife Jennifer Ann Simon. He was only 24 when he married his first wife, Julia Pilcher. They gave birth to two children, son James Adrian Fortescue and daughter Marissa Clara Fortescue.

Is Sky News Correspondent Ali Fortescue Related To Rosie Fortescue?

Ali Fortescue is not related to Rosie Fortescue.

Ali Fortescue is repeatedly mistaken for Lily Fortescue, entertainer Rosie Fortescue’s twin sister. In reality, they have nothing to do with one another.

Born in January 1990, Rosie is only one and a half years older than Ali. Rosie is an actress and Jewellery designer. Though they do have similar features and look like they could be relatives, they have no connections by blood.

Ali is active on Instagram and Twitter at the same time. Despite this, the vast majority of her presentations are focused on reporting.

@alifortescuenews is her Instagram handle, and she currently has over 4.9K followers. Her Twitter handle, @AliFortescue, has 7,472 followers.

Ali Fortescue Sister

Ali Fortescue has one sister, half-sibling Marissa Clara Fortescue. She is 18 years older than Ali at age 49.

Her older sister Marissa was born in October 20, 1973, to her father, Seymour Henry Fortescue, and mother, Julia Pilcher. She is married and has two children with her husband, Maximilian Nicolaus Moritz-Casimir Prinz zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg. They married in 2000.

Ali Fortescue Husband – Who Is Her Partner?

Based on the lack of a wedding ring, Ali Fortescue does not have a husband.

She is single and does not have a partner.

However, her older brother, James Adrian Fortescue, has a partner in Olivia R. Rodgers. And her older sister, Marissa Clara Fortescue, has a husband in Maximilian Nicolaus Moritz-Casimir Prinz zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg.

Her sister has been married for 22 years, and Ali has yet to find a partner.

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